Gravity Rush 2

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Another mind-bending adventure awaits gravity queen Kat as a new danger emerges to threaten the fabric of the universe itself. Still searching for clues behind the mystery of her origin, and with the powerful Raven at her side, Kat must master three unique gravity attack styles as she takes on enemies and massive bosses.

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Favorite ps4 and favorite of all time

Fellas, this is what an upgrade looks like. Gravity Rush 2 is such an improvement over the first game in every regard and i mean every regard. Whereas Gravity Rush 1 had no substance and was hard carried by it's premise alone, Gravity Rush 2 is a full-course meal that brings out the true potential of this series.....which makes it sting even more that we'll never get a Gravity Rush 3.

What i believe to be symbolic of the improvements of this game can be found in the world design. The city of Jira Para Lhao is infinitely better than the city of Hekseville, the setting of the first game. Whereas Hekseville is laid out horizontally and kinda claustrophobic in some places, JPL is laid out vertically with a lot of space, which allows the city to make more use of Kat's gravity powers than the first game ever did, and as bonus, it's much more vibrant and distinct than Hekseville ever was. This, combined with the fact that moving around in general feels much better, means that much like in the Insomniac Spider-Man games, there is zero reason to ever use skip travel in these game. Even when the game's third act sent me back to Hekseville and temporarily locked me out of JPL (i groaned at this admittedly), i still did not feel the need to use skip travel. Yeah, this game is so good it even made moving around the first game's setting more fun.

Moving around isn't the only thing that's seen an improvement. Combat too feels better. While it's still rather basic, i can say that i've enjoyed fighting things much more in this game than in the first. The game does give you two additional forms to use and these affect both movement and combat. Lunar Style makes you significantly lighter, allowing great leaps and glides as well as making air combat actually fun, which is very important as air combat was pretty ass in the first game. Jupiter Style makes you heavier and hit harder although i really only used this for moving around. Heavier gravity means you fall faster and since Kat's technically not flying but falling with style, it means you can get to places faster.

The music's also seen a major improvement. While the first game only had two songs that stood out, Gravity Rush 2's soundtrack is consistently great. From the different themes of JPL's districts to the battle and boss themes, yeah it's all pretty great. Bonus points to the vocal song, which is completely sung in the game's fakey-fake language (Gravity Rush 1 did have one of these as well). Speaking of the voice acting, there's a lot more of it to go around, which is quite impressive because, again, it's all in the fakey-fake language.

And now for the actual biggest improvement of the game: the game itself. I do not exaggerate when i say that Gravity Rush 1 had nothing. There's almost nothing to do in that game and by the time it gets a little bit interesting, it ends out of nowhere. Gravity Rush 2 on the other hand not only has an actual story but sidequests that flesh out the world and characterization. Crazy that seeing such simple concepts that we take for granted in other games is something to be praised here but it really goes to show how absolutely barebones Gravity Rush 1 was. Gravity Rush 2's story isn't anything too special but it's properly paced (aside from the final act tbh) and the characters feel like actual characters this time around. Kat went from being an alright protagonist to one i really liked. Raven and Syd have also seen significant improvement to their characters and besides them, there are a few other recurring characters. Again, this is shit we take for granted in other games but Gravity Rush 1 was just so severely lacking in that regard. I feel like i'm bashing the first game a bit much here but i do need to emphasize just how big of an improvement 2 is. The sidequests further characterize Kat and the other characters and there's even a few recurring quest-only NPCs. The sidequests will either give you interesting and fun ways to use your gravity powers or restrict them or just make you do something entirely mundane. But even when i was doing a mundane task in this game, i never felt like i wasn't having fun. Because honestly, this is basically a superhero game and sometimes doing mundane shit is the job of the Friendly Neighborhood Gravity Queen. And it's because all this that i just talked about that i really do have to question why there are some people who think this game is worse than the first one. Everyone's entitled to their opinions and all but every time i see someone say Gravity Rush 1 is better than 2, i feel like they came from some alt universe where 1 had all the stuff that made 2 great and 2....didn't. Because there's really no other explanation, i just cannot fathom how anyone can play the two games and go "yeah Gravity Rush 2 is worse".

If there's any criticisms i can make of this game, it's that the upgrade system still feels like it's made for a more complex game. Unlike the first game, you don't have to level up your health, gravity gauge, and speed with the gems, that'll simply happens as you play the game (not the speed part, that's already been "maxed out") so you can focus on upgrading your combat abilities. But the combat is just too basic for the higher levels. Maxing out every category would just be overkill, not to mention the higher levels of each get very expensive. Just upgrade the kicks and stasis field a few times and you'll be good to go honestly. There are higher difficulty options that you can change at any time but even on Hard, i don't think it warrants an upgrade system this extensive. In the story department, the game's final act is....kinda a mess. Not a bad mess, there is some coolness here, but i think if you ended the game at the third act, it would've been been a bit better. Heh, it's ironic, one of the first game's biggest problems was that it ended way too early. Now here i am kinda wishing the second game ended a bit earlier than it actually did.

I really must applaud the devs here. I was hoping Gravity Rush 2 was an improvement over the first game and not only did it succeed at that, it exceeded all expectations i had going in. Truly impressive.

Gravity Rush 2 is a game that absolutely shouldn't work (and often doesn't work) but is carried and propelled by a great lead, an immersive world, and a thrilling central mechanic.

Our hero, Kat, has a superpower that controls the direction gravity pulls her. Essentially, she can fly by falling. It's an abstract concept that takes some getting used to, but it quickly becomes the selling point of the game and remains one of my favorite traversal mechanics.

A big reason for the "flight" mechanic's success is the verticality of the world. The main city in the sky is divided into three main areas, and it takes a serious amount of time to get around. The upper islands where the ultra-rich live are through layers and layers of clouds, and the lower decks (where most people live) can only be visited by falling from tremendous heights. This might sound like an issue, but it's always a joy to fly around, and the distance between places adds a lot of feeling and meaning to the world itself.

The best plot beats require Kat to travel around great distances with a pressing goal. An apt comparison would be the urgency Peter Parker feels in Marvel's Spider-Man when he's tasked with traveling across Manhattan to save someone, only to be immediately called elsewhere. Kat shares Peter's routine of helping everyone they meet, which leads to plenty of high stakes battles and events, but also lower stakes moments like delivering newspapers or helping a family reunite.

I adore the more grounded scenes of the game's story because those moments allow the characters and the setting to shine. Without spoiling: I will say the main plot begins wonderfully and ends completely off the rails, which is a bit disappointing. But that being said, even the story's weaker moments didn't undo the more successful ones, or the plot's surprisingly sharp societal commentary.

Playing this game is also bittersweet because it seems very unlikely we'll ever see Gravity Rush 3. But whether or not that day ever comes, this game remains a hidden gem that is routinely on sale for less than $20. Pick it up! There's a lot to love.

Quite possibly the most disgusting feeling game you can ever get your hands on.

è letteralmente l'1, rimarrà sempre divertente svolazzare a caso pure per qualche ora ma tutto il resto è oltremodo superfluo senza contare poi quanto poco sia interessante la storia

i find the fact you cant save at home (but instead from the pause menu) absolutely mindboggling like holy shit, way to break the comfiness
pretty okay game, very charming but also features some of the most obnoxious sections i've ever played in a video game (looking at those missions locked in jupiter style) . feels like a 2 generation leap from the first game but still manages to regress in the mission design aspect