Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

released on Mar 30, 2017

A standalone expansion of Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is a standalone expansion of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and is also available as DLC for that game.

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i think modern fighting games are really good, but i think xrd highlights what i love about the older era.
im definitely better at other fighting games because i can hone in one character i like and am able to focus on that singular character (usually), and once i get a feel for the basics with that character i can move onto learning matchups and learning what i should be doing if i want to win. you push past the initial "i dont know what this character does" barrier, and you level up your fundamentals, bit by bit, interaction by interaction, every day. there's an incredible satisfaction in improving (i definitely suck still though).
im pretty bad at xrd because everyone is so cool that its hard to pick just one character
i pick one character, learn the basics, go online or watch footage and see what another character can do, think that's really cool and try to learn it myself. i have 300 hours at the time of writing and i think ive went through about 9 characters like that.. which isnt to count the hours ive spent grinding combo trials..
obviously, switching so often doesn't give me room to git gud at the game itself, but each character has so much style and personality injected in them that it's hard not to switch for me.
chipp zanuff is an american who is obsessed with japan and shouts random japanese because he thinks it sounds cool, the voice acting is literally a japanese guy pretending to be an american pretending to be japanese. in the corner he gets a 6 way mixup, and gamma blade yrc is an extremely funny, low commitment projectile that literally goes through everything. his jump install sounds like it would be a clunky artifact imported from older days but its oddly satisfying to do
when johnny falls over in a KO his hat falls off but he makes sure to grab the hat and put it back on his head before he passes out. his mist finer cancels are SO fun to execute, and when i finally landed a stance dash treasure hunt in match i was elated
jam kuradoberi is a chinese chef who fights to raise money for a new restaurant.. the voice acting is a japanese girl pretending to be a chinese girl shouting broken japanese. i do not play her but whenever she is on screen its hard not to get infected by her voice lines
venom covers his face with his hair and also wears a gucci belt while being shirtless. he fights with a pool cue and he puts pool balls on screen that he hits and they bounce off each other.
the point is that i think that fighting games were moving towards trying to streamline themselves to be more competitive friendly and more beginner friendly, but i dont think fighting games should only be fun to win in. they should be fun to just play, regardless of winning or losing, and i think xrd is a shining beacon of what i like in fighting games. xrd is fun to just play and to press buttons in.
(as a side note, i think the newest fighting games are accomplishing this. street fighter 6 is pretty fun, and mortal kombat 1 is the best mk by far)
i will probably continue to just play the game every once in awhile and have fun pressing buttons online. there are fighting games i grind and want to get good at, but in xrd i will prob be a casual scrub for years on end.. until i get tired of losing. i need to pick a main for that. please help me.


One of the most fun fighting game experiences of my life, grab while its on sale with some friends and play the character you fuck with the most, Jam for Strive btw