Half-Life: Blue Shift

Half-Life: Blue Shift

released on Jun 12, 2001

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Half-Life: Blue Shift

released on Jun 12, 2001

Half-Life: Blue Shift is an expansion pack for Valve Software's science fiction first-person shooter video game Half-Life. The game was developed by Gearbox Software with Valve Corporation and published by Sierra Entertainment on June 12, 2001. (It was originally set for release in Spring.) Blue Shift is the second expansion for Half-Life, originally intended as part of a Dreamcast version of the original game. Although the Dreamcast port was later cancelled, the PC version continued development and was released as a standalone product. The game was released on Steam on August 24, 2005.

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Bias has made me give this rating. a short and different perspective of the Half Life 1 game. basically I'm an addict who got more. don't matter if the quality is less.

A unique take on the Black Mesa Incident by focusing on someone trying to just get out. It's a fun change-up and shows some of the story beats that might come up later.

not bad
much shorter than the other expansion, i thought this was a mostly enjoyable game that unfortunately became a slog towards the later end just like the original half life. fortunately the annoying bit didn't last too long, but it really sucked the fun out of the game for me for a time
apart from that though, not bad

Pode pular sem medo que esse não adiciona nada na história, só é chato mesmo

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Well worth playing for Half-Life fans, and a bit more tame than Opposing Force. I can see why that game is generally more well regarded, but Blue Shift is a tighter experience and still worth playing.

It did feel a bit like a fan game at times, especially given the poor voice acting. A lot of the game is essentially an escort mission, but it isn't as bad as that makes it sound. The ending was pretty good, and I thought the Xen levels were better than the ones in Half-Life.

Sad there wasn't any new guns like OF but it was still a neat experience. Definitely the weakest HL but still enjoyable. Barney is the goat!