Half-Life Deathmatch: Source

released on May 01, 2006
by Valve

A port of Deathmatch Classic

Half-Life Deathmatch: Source is a recreation of the first multiplayer game set in the Half-Life universe. Features all the classic weapons and most-played maps, now running on the Source engine.

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Half Life 1 has more active servers laughing my ass off who wanted this.

Really fun game, but no one ever plays it online which is sad (theres like 10 people who are active)

god buen juego pa cagase de risa con europeos

I do not care for this game at all. It is supposed to be just you running around a server and killing other players with no other objective in mind. You can do the exact same thing but more fun in gmod and gmod offers more to do than just that.
That may have been what it started out as, but no there is no one playing it at all. I got this game in a bundle and just wanted to see what it was and there was quite literally about 5 people in servers total. I joined one with one other person and it was just us running around killing each other for 8 minutes before I got bored enough to quit. Again, you could do this in gmod and there would be actual people to play with.

este juego t spawnea en steam y bueno, gracias x esos minutos d cagarme a bazukasos con un ruso a 200ms