Halo: Reach

released on Sep 14, 2010

Experience the story before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved as you fight to defend the planet Reach from a harrowing Covenant invasion. In this first-person shooter you can customize your own Spartan with armor and accessories to experience both a pulse-pounding campaign and addictive multiplayer mode. Reach will fall, but it won't go down without a fight.

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Dude I can't believe they made Star Wars: Rogue One into a video game!

Oyun efsane ama silahlar çok zayıf kalmış, Legendary zorlukta Assult Rifle boncuklu tabanca gibi kalıyor.

i really dont care what anyone says this game fucks hard and i have fond memories with it. some of the best halo story ever baby and the multiplayer is awesome.

My personal favorite of the franchise and an amazing sendoff game from Bungie.

Campaign completed on normal difficulty. I can't say that I have much investment in Halo lore, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the epic story of the fall of planet Reach to be thoroughly engrossing, following a small squad of Spartan supersoldiers in a desperate defence against impossible odds. Technically, Halo Reach holds up impressively well in a modern context, definitely a step up from Halo 3 and ODST, while the combat encounters themselves are consistently well-designed, encouraging a tactical approach, with plenty of variety.

   What once stood as a stain on a beloved franchise that seemed to try and copy from Call of Duty, now stands as one of the crowning jewels of what the series should be.
   Halo Reach has had one hell of a redemption arc, but not because it grew better from updates. Instead, simply just standing the test of time while others faltered.
   Reach as a game has aged like fine wine. It's music is legendary, the gameplay is still satisfying and enjoyable and it's graphics hold up incredibly well. The addition of hand painted skyboxes and a strong artstyle allows this game to still hold up.
   But by far, what is this game's strongest aspect is its story. A tale of a small team of Spartans, fighting against impossible odds as the full scale might of the Covenant rain down apon them. And a final mission that sends this franchise off back where it began.
   The mixture of iconic music, superb voice acting and a whole lot of atmosphere helps the planet of Reach come to life like few other fictional games can.
   Outside of its campaign, Reach holds everything it needs to be arguably the perfect Halo game. A multiplayer full of a large variety of weapons, maps and modes and an expanded version of Firefight, full of an unbelievable amount of customisation.
   But by far, what's most important is a combination of Forge, Custom Games and File Share allowing the community to keep this game alive for over a decade.
   And the inclusion of a massive amount of armour customisation is the icing on the cake. So many ways for customisation and self-expression and being in the campaign only makes it better.
   Every aspect of this game shows how it's a shining beakon of what the best of multiplayer games can be. And is a showcase of what constant evolution of a golden formula done by some of the best developers in the indestry can create.