released on Sep 05, 1996

The game's play is done through a point and click interface. Players must visit various locations within the game's fictional town of Harvest, which can be done via an overhead map. By speaking to various townspeople and clicking on special "hotspots", players can learn information and collect items that progress the game's story and play. Harvester also features a fighting system where players can attack other characters by selecting a weapon and then clicking on the target. Both the target and the player's character have a limited amount of health available, allowing for either the player or the target to die. Players can choose to progress through the game by solving puzzles or by killing one of the non-playable characters.

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I really, truly wish I hardly knew 'er.
I.E. This game fuckin' blows.

I don't think I'll ever actually finish this game myself, but from what I've played and what I've watched, it's absolute gold. Highly recommend watching a blind playthrough of this game.
Also, anytime I hear the word "meat" I can't help but imagine the way the damn girlfriend's father says it.

alright. so this game is just not good. but its also simultaneously one of the most ridiculous and hilarious pieces of media i've ever experienced and it lives rentfree in my head. its way too far up its own ass for its own good in the last half, to the point it kind of kills the game. Also the actor for the protagonist got arrested LOL

esse jogo é incrivel, por favor jogue sem tomar spoilers, só entra nas cegas e aprecie