Haven Park

released on Aug 04, 2021

Be Flint, who is doing his best to keep his grandma's park up and running and make it a place for the campers to enjoy. Learn the camper's wishes and build whatever their hearts desire to attract even more quirky characters and look forward to whimsical conversations and quests.

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Gave up in the middle, I get the ideia, not a bad game, but also not good.
I've played better games with the same idea and overall vibe so it didn't catch me. Not to say only bad, or mediocre , things, it was pretty good walking around, just the perfect speed and snappiness to the controls, a bit buggy, specially in jumping to get to a higher area, but that was also fun.
Play if you like to complete stuff in a chill vibe.

excellent game with a lot of fun stuff to do, I'd love more going on but it's briliant as is, and well worth a look.

All quests completed, all campsites fully developed. The immediate point of comparison to Haven Park is the excellent A Short Hike, with both games putting the player in control of an anthropomorphic bird, exploring an island from an overhead perspective. However, beyond that there are significant differences, with Haven Park having a less well-defined overall goal, based primarily around restoring a somewhat dilapidated nature park and developing a number of campsites scattered around the area with a 'lite' Animal Crossing like approach, attracting (permanent) 'visitors' of whom a handful will set you a basic quest. Movement abilities are simple running and jumping, without any flight ability; a simple set of skill upgrades are split between those with an exploration focus and camp-building.
With no real element of danger (the worst that you might encounter is falling from a height and having to climb back up) and a charming, cheerful approach to the scenario, Haven Park is an enjoyable, relaxing time to play through. It lacks the degree of polish and satisfying self-containedness of A Short Hike, but not meeting that high bar isn't an overly strong detractor.

Scratching that A Short Hike vibe, but lacks content / polish.