Hello Charlotte EP3: Childhood's End

released on Jan 05, 2018

"All ended well.
There was nothing to be sad about."
A sci-fi psychological thriller. A final episode. Hello, Charlotte.

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Etherane has a lot to say and I want to hear it.

I see a lot of people calling this game a 'mess' in a good way, and I can agree in that the overarching story of Hello Charlotte takes a lot of twists and turns, changing meaning throughout, as etherane's intentions seemingly shift from part to part, episode to episode. Yet despite this, the entirety of Hello Charlotte manages to tell a complete narrative, one that ties just about all its lose ends and formulates several cohesive and powerful messages. In the typical complex meta-narrative type story such as HC, I often would have trouble piecing together the full story and have to look up some 3rd party explanations, but by the end of HC3 I felt as though I had a full grasp on everything that I had just experienced, and was able to logically put together many of the overarching ideas etherane placed carefully throughout.
From early on in episode 1, I fell in love with the characters of the game, and only did moreso until the end of HC3. This attachment of course was created intentionally, as the meta-narrative explains, and I found myself sad at the end of the game knowing how much I would miss them, even within just the few hours that I got to know them. Hello Charlotte, among many other themes, tells a story about letting go, and I certainly had to learn it myself. It also tells a story about the nature of stories themselves, and legitimately made me sit back and think about my role as a consumer of media for the sake of entertainment, feeling even guilty at some points of the game. This is a very special and memorable series that I am happy I experienced.

This game is a fucking mess

dies from peak of fiction
cara eu to sem palavras isso é legit uma obra de arte

Very interesting story and concepts.
I'm glad I had the opportunity to play this.