Hi-Fi Rush

released on Jan 25, 2023

As wannabe rockstar Chai, you’ll fight back against a sinister robotics enhancement conglomerate using rhythm-amplified combat where everything – from the motion in the environment to the blows of combat – is synced to the music.

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You see, I could mention 'flaws' in this game, like Macarons partner attack having a very short range and making any fight needing him more of a hassle, or the games constant goofy tone clashing in moments meant to be more emotional in some places, but then I remember that part where you fight hordes of killer robots with a guitar to the beat of Invaders Must Die by the prodigy and realise that excuses literally every issue I could have with this game
Seriously, go play this right the fuck now, genuinely one of the best games in terms of pure fun I've played yet

The first game in a long time that felt like something I had never played before. It feels like the first truly successful, hitting-all-marks attempt to seamlessly combine action and rhythm. Not everything works (the obligatory upgrade system is half-baked; the busier fights can feel like a mishmash), but its brazen self-confidence is like a rising tide lifting all ships that left me smiling all the way through. I would die for Korsica.

This game would be so goated if the writing didn’t try so hard

I loved the accessibility features in this game. I don't have great timing/rhythm generally (and don't play many games like this), so the ability to add more visual cues to the screen made the game achievable for me on the base difficulty. Genuinely funny, and the art style is neat!

+ Wholesome fun permeates the entire game (visuals, music, comedy, etc)
+ Lovable characters and excellent comedic writing
+ High skill ceiling for rhythm action gameplay, but fun even for less skilled players
+ Perfect tight campaign that doesn't overstay it's welcome but tons of replayability and optional challenge modes for those who want more
- Occasional points of frustration for players who have issues with rhythm
- Platforming feels too loose and sloppy, Chai's jump is awkward

Appeals to the primal human proclivity for audio patterns. I like the cat.