released on Mar 11, 2016

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released on Mar 11, 2016

Become the Master Assassin in an intense spy-thriller story. As Agent 47, you perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. Gameplay focuses on taking out targets in huge and intricate sandbox levels with complete freedom of approach. Where to go, when to strike and who to kill – it is all up to you.

HITMAN is an expanding and evolving world of assassination. The experience began with a Prologue and Paris location in March, continued with Episode 2: Sapienza in April, Episode 3: Marrakesh in May, the Summer Bonus Episode in July, Episode 4: Bangkok in August and Episode 5: Colorado in September. The season finale in Hokkaido, Japan arrived on October 31st.

HITMAN also features a major live component, which is made up of Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, Community-inspired Challenge Packs and Contracts Mode.

An Elusive Target is the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy that we’ve ever created. These targets will be custom-created characters that are added to existing locations and are only there for a limited time in real-time. You’ll only have one chance to take them down. If they escape, they are gone for good. If you kill them, that’s the way that you killed them. There are no do-overs and no second chances. When an Elusive Target leaves the game world (one way or another) they never return.

Escalation Mode is something else completely new for HITMAN and was created as a way to regularly provide a fresh challenge to players. You’ll need to master the location as well as the gameplay mechanics to complete a hit that will escalate in difficulty by adding new elements. This mode has a strong focus on having fun with the game mechanics and mixing them up. It’s more about being playful than realistic.

Contracts Mode returns from Hitman Absolution; Play-to-create, mark your own targets, choose how to kill them and compete against your friends. We will also pick the best of the bunch and put them in the Featured Contracts list so you’ve got something fresh to play whenever you load up the game.

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Só joguei um pouquinho, é legalzinho

played through the game again on master difficulty, after getting the levels through hitman iii, and I gotta say, this feels like the way the game was meant to be played. gone are the hints on how to complete the mission stories, and instead you have to work out how to complete them yourself. they aren't even that much harder to figure out, and yet it feels completely different without the tutorials and tips helping you along.

the inability to save scum also improves the game a lot, as it adds more tension to your every action and forces you to think quickly when your plan doesn't work, instead of just reloading a save from 10 seconds ago and trying again. I have found save scumming to be a pretty big problem for me in immersive sims and hitman's solution to it feels very appropriate for the kind of game that it is

replaying has also reminded me of how damn good this game is! pretty much all of the levels are great (i even enjoyed colorado this time round) and there are a ton of viable solutions to any given problem that you encounter.

sadly, the online system is still garbage, and the (questionable) requirement for an connection to a server in order to play the game is going to be what kills in in the long run, when it's no longer profitable for the servers to keep running, and this incredible SINGLE PLAYER game becomes impossible to fully experience

Overall fantastic and satisfying stealth game. Some locations are stinky, and story is a snoozer.

I loved the mission where Agent 47 snuck into a prison cell to choke Jeffrey Epstein out, but it was weird that were no other options to kill him

It's mechanics and ux are beautifully hand crafted for the hitman series, but sadly the levels always felt as if they were missing that oomph that blood money has.