Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

released on Mar 10, 2015

A sequel, sidequel and prequel to Hotline Miami (2012) with similar unlockables, violent top-down gameplay and '80s Miami/modern electronic aesthetics, Hotline Miami 2 follows multiple factions related to the events of the original game as they commit increasingly bloody and surreal acts. A greater emphasis is put on storytelling, and the boundaries between real and fictional violence.

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There is not much I can really say about the game other than that it's perfect. Everything that made the first game good was made 10 times better. A lot of people say the level design got worse and I may have agreed with it at one point (probably due to the anger I had at the time), but I disagree now. Everything in this game was just so well-crafted and well put together. And most of all the fucking story man and looking back on how much it improved the originals aswell.
This game was just perfection, simply put man.
"Okay. No need to fight it then."

Muy en la línea de primero. Igual de trepidante y con alguna mecánica nueva . Estuve a punto de dejarlo en algún nivel, pero merece la pena seguir

un poco mas de la primera entrega. La dificultad es la suficiente como para no hacerte quitear y querer jugar todo el dia, mejor que el primer juego en tema de historia pero quisa mas tedioso

This game is a fucking slog to get through sometimes but it still has good sections too, It mostly evens out though

some of the parts drag on for so long but tony is cool.