Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

released on Mar 10, 2015

A sequel, sidequel and prequel to Hotline Miami (2012) with similar unlockables, violent top-down gameplay and '80s Miami/modern electronic aesthetics, Hotline Miami 2 follows multiple factions related to the events of the original game as they commit increasingly bloody and surreal acts. A greater emphasis is put on storytelling, and the boundaries between real and fictional violence.

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Really disappointing when compared to the first one. There are so many sections where your weaponry is confined, which completely changes the entire point of the game. It's no longer a matter of scoping out the area and figuring out the most effective way to kill everyone, its "how do I kill everyone while conserving my ammo?" which is way more video game tropey and unfun. All of the different masks in the first game had different buffs that were helpful, but didn't fundamentally rewire how you played the game. Here the different characters only being able to use certain weapons changes everything. The core gameplay is still fun (especially during sections where you can actually steal weapons/play normally) but overall it's very flawed.
That ending went hard though.

This is a super late review but I still remember my experience with this game quite well. And to carry on from how I opened the previous review, my friends were right yet again, this game was even better than the original.
The gameplay is more or less the same but there's a clear difference to people who played the previous game. Things have been polished and made to feel better as a whole. It's improved upon in a big way. Slight nitpicks is the level design is really irritating sometimes and the levels also feel a bit more linear compared to the first game or even some of the other levels in this game. I really liked the concept of playing as multiple characters with a large variety of weapons. It kept everything really fresh and engaging. As I expected going into this game, it's not exactly easy. It's inevitable it'll take you a decent amount of tries before you finally get it right. I never minded because it was really fun to experiment and the gameplay loop is just so much fun.It was satisfying to finally beat the level each and every time.
I'm not gonna talk too much about the story cuz I want to keep this spoiler free but, it's a big step up from the first game (which I still liked) and the ending especially is insane. Going back to the multiple playable characters, it was really cool to see all their storylines tie into the larger narrative.
This is an amazing indie game and I think it's a little underrated and underappreciated going off the average rating. I highly recommend this to everyone but only after you've played the first game because the story will make much more sense after playing that game.

The story overall isn't as good as the 1st one, but damn... that ending is pure art

BANG POW SHOOT PEW SLICE CUT HURT!!! (but not as good as the last one.)

Better story, worse gameplay. More of the same in terms of soundtrack is always good. Still working on Hard Mode…

Amazing music and depiction of violence on a pixel art level is goofy yet disturbing at the same time