Hyper Demon

released on Sep 19, 2022
by Sorath

Hyper Demon is an FPS like no other. A pearl of lightning. A dream from the future. A drop of poison. A swan song. The faster you slay demons, the harder the game and the higher your score. There is an end. Will it see you?

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Simply amazing... a masterclass in FPS design.

This game kicks all kinds of ass but it reminds me of that episode of Adventure Time where Finn and Jake encounter a ghost that challenges them to a game of "drop ball."

high score...
...is 10. :)

Absolutely horrifying but compelling visuals left me craving better scores despite dying over and over and over again

Masterclass in design. A general & vague term wholly applicable in every aspect from thee leaderboard crawl, heat-sensing enemy proximity radar, blitzed out uptick scoring system; superbly playful despite a rather oppressing & suffocating field. Thee offense to Devil Daggers defense.
Look no further than thee lobby if you want to bear witness to thee harmonious elegance present. A player finds themselves surrounded by birds fluttering about, surrounding your respectively-ranked dagger which, upon touching, commences thee onslaught. Hours of mastering & learning new tricks until you face thee boss, hours more to learn how to defeat an angel, & said angel will explode into a frenzy of docile birds, allowing your dagger to appear once again. Without breaking sequence, simply touch it to begin again. A vicious & angelic cycle.
Current personal best, 362.955

awesome presentation, but holy shit the migraine