Ice Hockey

released on Jan 21, 1988

It's fast skating', hip checkin', high scoring action. Lead your team into center ice, over the opponent's blue line. Pass over to the point and set up for the tip in - Score! Choose a country for you and your opponent, select a level of play and face off at center ice to become the top goal scorer in Nintendo's Ice Hockey! Get charged with a penalty and test your defense. Or attack on a power play and use your puck handling skills to catch your opponents off guard.

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Not much of a hockey fan anymore, although I was a big Red Wings fan back in the 90's - a really fun arcadey hockey 3v3 game that I played with my cousins back in the day. The little tune that plays during the face-off and throughout the match will always be stuck in my head.

proto-nba jam, lots of fun with friends. I remember bringing my Wii on a camp trip and playing tons of this and brawl with the other kids in my room

Desafio TOP 100 NES IGN
Jogo #100
Um dos jogos perfeitos pra jogar com o amigo no Nintendinho, simples de aprender mas ainda tem espaço pra bolar estratégias de jogo, ele tem um time customizável, onde tu pode escolher entre personagens mais magros, médios e grandes, e isso abre um leque de possibilidades. Adoro jogar com o time da URSS e meter porrada nos EUA.

The early 80's first party nintendo sports games are generally seen now days as clutter that wastes spots on the virtual console/Nintendo switch online. And to various extents that's correct, however Ice Hockey does deserve credit for being the first sports game made by nintendo that's truly unambiguously fun (Punch out is only technically a boxing game)
Ice hockey is incredibly fast paced (especially for an NES game). Features fun co-op and was also the first nintendo sports game to use the tried and true formula of heavy, medium, and lightweight characters as a way of encouraging multiple playstyles

I discovered this on the Wii U in 2015, and had a realization:
This is the best 2-player competitive NES game.
Why did no one tell me about this?!? It's delightfully frantic, but instantly accessible. It's effectively digital Foosball, and everybody loves Foosball! Ice Hockey on the NES is always a good time when you've got someone to play with.

Actually surprisingly fun... about as fun as an NES game can get.