released on Jan 23, 2018

Join renegade mechanic Robin and uncover the secrets of a dying planet. Explore a huge, open world filled with intricate puzzles, oddball characters and menacing bosses in a beautiful platform adventure telling a personal story about faith, purpose and whether the world is really worth saving.

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100% - Story Complete, All side quests done, all components found and all Tweaks crafted.

Gameplay is kinda disappointing given how the world and the characters are interesting at first. It feels slow and clunky

I'm sure this game is great but it struggled to keep my attention sadly.

Mezcla de plataformas y acción con gráficos pixelart estilo Metal Slug que da gusto verlos. La historia, sin ser nada del otro mundo, podría estar mejor si los diálogos no enfangasen tanto la narración.

some of the best pixel art you'll ever see. really solid story too

Very fun metroidvania indie game. I really like Konjak's artstyle and how much fine detail there is in the character animation, backgrounds, and effects. I'd love to play another game by him.
My main gripe with this game is the writing. The story is very bleak, ends on a bit of an anticlimax, and most of the characters are very selfish and rather unlikable, but I think that's mostly made up with the fantastic presentation.
Good metroidvania, beautiful sprite work, but I wish the writing were better.