released on Jun 29, 2016

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released on Jun 29, 2016

An atmospheric 2D side-scroller in which, hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project and struggles to preserve his identity.

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Tendi foi porra nenhuma mas é muito bom

Handles a difficult theme artfully.

Pretty fun puzzle game, with just enough environmental storytelling given to the player to be able to piece together the game's story.
Would I say I like this more than Limbo, eeehhhh yes and no, yes in that I like the aesthetic and the body horror, and no because I think the puzzles were much better in Limbo; let me just say if I'm good at a puzzle game then it's not doing a very good job with its puzzles because I'm a fucking idiot.

I'd say I like them both equally but for very different reasons.

You're looking at the first draft of a very standard, modern comic book aesthetic, with occasionally decent staging to boot. That's a comment purely on the visual elements. The actual level layouts are banal at best, as you'd expect from such a simple gameplay conceit. Go right. If you can't, navigate up, down or back to find a way to go right.

PlayDead already gave us more creative and less redundant puzzles on their previous go at this minimalist concept on 2010's Limbo, which also has the advantage of having a real story. Inside instead hints at a story, with plenty of moments that feel exciting (even if primarily as breaks from the boring gameplay loop) and may also feel like progressions from what came before.

That being said, the game lacks a real payoff, opting instead for shock value that bears a humorous contrast with the rest of what the game seemed to be going for. It just feels like PlayDead wanted something that appears like a crazy twist, but without a holistic narrative outline that would assist such a twist in having actual ramifications on the rest of what's come before.

I've asked plenty of questions over the years, which I'm sure is what PlayDead would've wanted, but nothing ever comes together. Researching theories on the game hasn't proved rewarding and I've long since given up on the topic.

Unemotional, unengaging, drab aesthetic, unintelligent and unrewarding. These kinds of games make one shrug away the indie craze of the 2010s.

simple yet fun puzzles
- atmospheric, unsettling mood
- engaging story with awesome twist