Inventory Hero

released on Jun 13, 2022
by Panic

Inventory Hero is a frantically paced role-playing game where you leave the exploration and the monster battles to the computer so you can focus on the true meaning of adventure: managing your inventory.

Drop the trash, equip the good stuff, save the potions for a rainy day, and remember to watch out for rabbits…

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A cool idea, but didn't capture my interest due to a lack of progression and an over-reliance on randomisation

Nice animations, but you cannot really enjoy them as you are focused on the inventory. The concept is cool but I quickly grew tired of it.

Inventory Hero es un juego sencillo y poco exigente, que te invita a entrar en un ritmo cada vez más frenético e impulsivo y que se complica de forma inesperada cuando los ítems que recoges empiezan a portarse de forma extraña o inesperada. No creo que sea muy llamativo de por sí, pero se consigue hacer lo que se propone con la suficiente soltura como para que no se vuelva monótono.
Inventory Hero is a simple and undemanding game that invites you to get into an increasingly frantic and impulsive rhythm, that gets unexpectedly difficult when the items you collect start behaving strangely. I don't think it's that interesting per se, but it manages to do what it sets out to do with enough ease that it doesn't become monotonous.

Inventory Hero is not a game for me. One round was all that I felt necessary to play. It was a good run, reaching level 83 and losing to RNG in the end. And for that I was thankful, I wanted an excuse to bow out by the time I reached Glitch world the first time...
There's a lot that I know went into this game, graphics, world design, all of the items being equipped to my player character and neat enemy sprites. But I have no way of appreciating them in real time as the entire game has me fixated on my inventory. The loop is not very fun, sadly I won't be coming back to it.

Really enjoyed this at first, but I think it gets a little too mindlessly frantic for its own good the longer that it goes.