Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

released on Dec 03, 2001

From the creator and developer of the acclaimed, top-selling Crash Bandicoot series comes the next generation in interactive entertainment.

Expect the unexpected! Enter a new world of magic, adventure, exploration, and discovery where enormous vistas and exotic characters lead you to places beyond your imagination. Test your wits and your skills as you embark on a journey to reverse your best friend's transformation into a furry Ottsel, even as he entangles you in his amusing antics. Discover twisted corruption and battle the sinister minds behind this chilling plot. Light Eco. Precursor Technology. Power Cells. Dark Eco. What does it all mean?

Only one person holds the secret behind the power of the mysterious Eco. Together you must now take on these endeavors.

Unleash the hero within. A new legacy is born!

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This is a decent platformer for the era. The playtime is just about right, I doesn't outstay its welcome. Visually, the game is nice - there is a great variety in the different areas and it succeeds in making the world feel like a cohesive whole. The story was very basic, and the humour was not really to my tastes but tolerable. Exploring and finding all the items is satisfying - as you'd expect! It feels like a strange mash-up of Crash Bandicoot and an N64 collectathon, it's clear Naughty Dog took a lot of inspiration from Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie.
Controls are a bit annoying in places, particularly the camera - but also the double jump was a bit inconsistent for me. I felt like many of the things that went wrong weren't my fault.. but perhaps that's just me being used to modern games having a bit more leeway in their controls. When I took my time with the platforming, mostly it went well. A couple of times there were areas where it felt very difficult to gauge depth and I just kept jumping into a pit.
Despite control issues, the game is fairly easy - there are checkpoints sprinkled throughout the levels and no limit to lives, so you can just keep trying until you get it.
Overall, I enjoyed this game and would recommend it to fans of 3D platformers/collectathons - just remember this is a 20+ year old game and it feels like it!

One of the best action platformers of all time, genuinely don't know how many times I have 100% completed this.

Probably my least favorite first entry of the PS2 platformer trilogies. Still enjoyed it though

just really one if the best games ever made

started my love of 3D platformers

Quand je pense que Naughty Dog ont abandonné ce jeu...