Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics

released on Feb 18, 1994

Improving on the original's platformer/brawler co-op gameplay, this game adds adventure and role-playing game elements that create a more involving experience compared to the first game. You can now collect coins in the levels to purchase items from Tiki Village, such as meat to recover your health, or even remodel your hut back at your home village. The game also uses a password system to track your progress. The game also shifts to an overhead map so you can wander to whichever level you wish, and return to completed levels to earn more money or power-ups.

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Not a very ambitious sequal with its being the same type of game but more boring. The bosses are tamer and the music is lamer. The look lacks the distinct feel from the first game and adopts a more modern snes coat of paint. It blends in with the crowd and lacks originallity. That being said the game is still a solid platformer, but thats about it. The first game on snes remains the best.

I have a huge crush on Joe. I think he's just dreamy and I hope he gives me flowers and invites me into his hut. Not all that into his friend Mac, though

played this for like an hour straight on the switch virtual console with my friend once. not extremely good or bad in any way, but i DID get a kick out of somehow freezing the game by pressing the attack button way too fast lol

Melhor que esperei, consegue divertir um pouco e a música até é legal, só é curto demais, parece incompleto.