JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R

released on Sep 01, 2022

A remaster of the fighting game "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle" with over 50 playable characters.

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soooooo if you (5 people who liked it) remember my scott pilgrim review i talked about a guy i was kind of dating and that i was really getting to like slowly and as i said im honestly kind of into listening and reading and watching everything people i like like because i really want to understand their interests and such and thats how i also decided to continue my reading of the jojo series (i left at half of vento aureo and i liked stone ocean) because this guy liked steel ball run and i was pretty excited because steel ball run is highly regarded as the best part of jojo ever
incredibly enough steel ball run ended up being really the greatest jojo part not only in practise but also emotionally because we had a picnic we read steel ball run last volume together and he asked me to kiss and i ascended to heaven
from that onwards we really got closer and hung up made out shit like that went to a comics fest idk how theyre called in english and it was possibly one of the highest points of my life that i exchanged with a person i harmonised with so well
long story short he ended up dumping me with some half assed excuses and absolutely broke my heart and its still hard for me to recover from it right now mainly from how this whole thing ended and i really think i need a lot of time now
maybe i will talk about this in more detail in the echo review i have been planning to do for a whole year now i think
i started to play this game because he liked it and yknow i was pretty curious how a jojo fighting game would play out with all the different and unique characters and thats why i was incredibly excited to what they were gonna do with this kind of HUGE HUGE HUGE material
if for some reason you are not accustomed to the original media jojo is a shonen / seinen series where you just get a lot of action action action with some things called stands that are basically the manifestation of ones power into some weird designed dudes with some flamboyant colors and mindbreaking abilities and thats mainly why this series is beloved and incredibly interesting and then you also add the fact that araki is a true madman so its always fun to see shit play out
thaaaaats why i really think its kinda sad how bare bones this game is the battle progression is absolutely bare bones you only get one set of combo that plays out automatically and then you get as always light mid strong attacks some super ability you can use with a meter that refills and some other little stuff that doesnt really add that much to the depth of the combat and if you use the yknow abilities with the weird inputs how are they called you know the ones the ones where you gotta input stuff like half circle X you know the ones oh my god im so ignorant about fighting games its embarrassing
ok so whatever characters dont have that many moves anyway so you got a really short array of weapons which is really sad you only got a spoonful of combos you can make and even then its just easier to use the auto combo and thats fucking it
characters do look good and theres a wide variety of characters from every part of the series and they all look interesting to play but yet again this is mainly because arakis character design is unmatched and thats a pity that a series widely spread due to its multitude of abilities was translated into a stale fighting game
i have no idea how the online is because again as i always said i dont particularly care for online stuff because i dont like people all in all and its incredibly sad to not have friends to play it on local so lets just not talk about it
so the only last resort is the main story and obviously as every fighting game ever the story mode fucking suck you get some panels with different difficulties which go from poopoo shit difficulty to higher difficulty but this means that you will just lose some time with a stupid tutorial every time and besides its so stupid how the most story content you will get is some 2 lines of dialogue between the characters and thats fucking it absolutely sad
im not even that strict of a fighting game guy but even one of my favourite fighting games of all time thats right you guessed it naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 got more combos than this cmon
maybe i just wanted to talk about my heart being absolutely crumbled more than the game i havent even finished the story mode or played as every character maybe i will then update this review to some other info lmao until then im gonna get back to crying my eyes out until I can actually move on hahahahahahahhahaah my favourite character is gyro zeppeli hahahah
good game

JoJo as a fighting game in all of its bizarre glory, what's not to like.

as someone who already played the original this was interesting if only because they structured the campaign completely different but still just a fighting game not huge into those sorry

This game is honestly really fun offline, tons of characters and interesting levels, great fanservice for JoJo fans too. But jesus christ the online sucks so bad it easily brings it down, and single player content is also pretty dead.

This one is dumb fun. Despite the issues with netcode being abhorrent, the game is solid. so much combo potential. So many fun references. The game is just good. I would argue that this game really set out to differentiate from others and it worked well, with unique combo systems across multiple characters.
I did manage to fully complete the game, but what a ridiculous task that was, and falls into a similar trap to soul calibur 2, except this time you don't get to choose the character. Conditions set to make the game more interesting. Unfortunately, as the online sucks in the current era, you're left with the single player, which actually, is great assuming you understand the references to the show. it does a great job of servicing fans and fighting game players alike. It's just a shame it's trapped to an almost exclusively single player game because of the weaknesses in netcode without the use of parsec of course.

Despite having the worst online I have ever seen in any game, this game is great for a Jojo fan. If you simply want to play matchups between your favorite characters, run some matches with your friends in couch co-op, or collect tons of items ranging from alternate outfits, voice lines, jojo poses, etc. you can get a good amount of playtime out of this simply due to how it creatively brings manga panels to life to make each character feel simultaneously different enough to keep it fresh and familiar enough to pick up a new main.