A third-person adventure game in which the player, controlling a robed figure, makes a pilgrimage through a desert landscape to a rugged mountain with a beacon of light in the distance while uncovering the history of their people, rescuing and cooperating with friendly creatures, avoiding predatory ones and communicating with other travelers.

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Chorei de novo, o fdp do meu companheiro fez um coração no final, eu desabei completamente

Journey, Journey, Journey. Just WOW Iv never played anything like it, getting attached to a character that doesn’t say a single word throughout the whole game. Really a breath taking game. Beautiful sounds to beautiful sandy Dunes. Forever have a place in my heart.

A game with a really clever concept that I unfortunately couldn’t really experience much of due to the fact that it’s a little dead now. I only met one player though the whole thing, and lost them pretty quickly. Still I enjoyed it, and I definitely would have loved it if I'd gotten to experience it "as intended."

Smothering visuals and soundscapes immerse you in a thick atmosphere that compels profound emotions - beauty, curiosity, fear, mystery, hope, yearning among others will linger with you - truly takes you on a "journey"

All that's left is a scissors entity, and we'd have a rock, "cloth", scissors game