Kids allows you to move with and against crowds until everyone is gone. It is a short interactive animation drawn by Michael Frei and coded by Mario von Rickenbach, their second collaboration after the award-winning project Plug & Play.

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via o alan e o luba jogando quando lançou e achava muito foda

A charming toy, reminiscent of newgrounds-era flash game experimentation, but ultimately forgettable as an experience.

This is an incredibly short experience that's really well executed and has something to say if you're willing to look past the surface elements of people being pooped out of holes in the sky and falling into other holes. It explores conformity, isolation, herd think, harassment and other such personal topics.
But the messages could have been more effective if there was more to do in the game and did something with the unique crowd mechanics. As it is I really don't think the game is worth much. Definitely play it if it's free

Complete playthrough. A somewhat strange game, KIDS presents the player with a series of scenes populated by line-drawn people, with whom you must interact (mouse-only) to achieve a simple, but undefined objective - for example, jumping into a hole, or performing a 'Mexican wave'. More a minimalistic piece of art that a game, this is a very short experience and not really anything memorable. While I can see that there's the germ of a good idea here, as it is it's nothing more than a brief diversion.

half of the time you have to help the kids swim through some intestinal tract, the other half of the time you're making them jump into the abyss
great game