Killzone: Shadow Fall

released on Nov 15, 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall is the sixth game of the Killzone series. Gameplay in Shadow Fall is fairly similar to previous installments, though now with more improvements. The game is much more open-ended allowing for multiple ways to reach your target and complete objectives. The player is accompanied by a companion drone called the OWL which can help you in many different ways including deploying a zip-line or stunning the enemy. Using futuristic weapons and gear allows for new stealth gameplay. The online multiplayer mode allows for up to 24-players to battle at once on any of the games default 10 maps. The level system is now challenge-based where completing any of the games many challenges will upgrade your rank. Warzone returns as an online game mode along with Team Deathmatch and Beacon Retrieval (Capture the Flag). A new feature allows for the user to create Warzones with their own specific rules and share them with the community to download and play.

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preety sad to see falling of killzone IP

Got it years ago for free, it was ok

was this supposed to be a metaphor for the israel-palestine conflict

As others have stated, this is a glorified tech demo. Played it on PS plus thinking I’d enjoy it for what I thought it was, a COD-style single player campaign from 2013. I couldn’t finish it though, the whole thing is just so dull and monotonous. The graphics are fine but there is no wow factor 10 years later playing on a PS5, which I’m assuming was the main draw of the game at the time because there’s nothing else here to recommend.

Sem alma, ruim, sem sal, design podre, atirar é legal mas so salva isso. O supremo qualquer coisa, num agrada nem gamer laricado por fps (eu). Horrível