Killzone is a sci-fi-themed first-person shooter. The game's stand-out feature is the ability to control any of the four different protagonists, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Up to sixteen players could compete in the online multiplayer portion, which includes eight maps and six modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Assault, Defend and Destroy, Supply Drop, and Domination. The online servers of the game have now been closed down.

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Killzone 1 is a game. It's creative but it only really serves as the foundation of the frachise so it's alright.

I got the most enjoyment out of this via its multi-player. My brother and I would put a lot of hours into it, and it had its fair share of variety to keep us entertained. Despite that, this is one of those "Games That Don't Exist" at this point in history. I beat this game, can't remember a damn thing about the narrative. The franchise itself seems to have been abandoned by Sony. It had some decent dystopian sci-fi elements to it that I'd be interested to revisit, if it ever rises from the grave.

Rough around the edges but I feel this game helped prove that first person shooters can be dark and gritty. Play this over the streamable version any day; nothing beats physical.

A pretty basic shooter. It's got a cool lore to it and the Helghast visually look sick but it's nothing remarkable. The combat feels very blasé and the weapons for the most part feel very underpowered. The frame rate is also ass in this like seriously it's nauseating and borders on unplayable at times. You get to play as 4 characters but I mainly just stuck with Rico because his minigun is easily the best weapon in the game.
It was dubbed as a "Halo killer" but yeah it's nowhere near as good as the first couple of Halo games.

O FPS que mais me deu alegria nessa vida.