Killzone is a first-person action game set in the near future, during a period of planetary colonization. A savage conflict has broken out between the Earth-loyal forces of the ISA and a separatist, militaristic faction known as the Helghast. Following a devastating Helghast attack on an ISA colony, the player is thrust into the role of Jan Templar, a young ISA captain who must lead a ragtag group of soldiers on a suicidal mission behind enemy lines.

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El "Halo Killer". La única razón por la que ponía el disco era para ver su intro prerrenderizada.

eu realmente não sei como esse jogo ganhou sequência

Very meh console first person shooter.

how the fuck did this get a sequel?

It may not have aged well, but it was amazing at the time. One of my favourite games as a child. Killzone felt like it could launch a really good franchise, but having moved to xbox after the ps3 server outages (for 3 months) I haven't really experienced Killzone beyond this edition. However, I haven't heard good things about the series beyond, so I have to assume this was the highlight. An incredible story and fantastic game at the time.