Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD

released on Jan 12, 2017

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD is a full HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance designed for the PlayStation 4. It was released as part of a package of three games entitled Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

The game is largely the same as its Nintendo 3DS counterpart, but includes some additional features as well as alterations designed to adapt the game to the PS4. The conversion from two screens to one is the most notable of the changes seen. Little has changed in terms of gameplay. However, three new Dream Eaters have been introduced and minor game features have been altered to adapt to the PS4.

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this game is so hard carried by flowmotion and it makes it not as bad as birth by sleep, also the fact that its like 15 hours long def helped, but the gameplay is still super mindless and breaks in half with balloon spells, the plot is complete nonsense, and the worlds are way too open for no reason, better than bbs tho

“Dream Drop Distance” is correct because I want to dream drop distance myself from this game. Dream Drop Distance has numerous mechanics that I do not like. The game’s fatal flaw is the drop system. There is a meter by your health bar counting down. Once it hits zero, you are forced to switch to either Riku or Sora. This alone is the most bullshit part of the game and the main reason I will not continue playing. There is an item called “Drop-Me-Not” that can restore your gauge, but that is not enough to satisfy me. You can drop whenever you want in the pause screen or the world map, so this forced drop mechanic infuriates me. I learned that you can drop mid boss. MID BOSS. That has not happened to me, but what were the people at Square Enix thinking?

Another mechanic I do not like is the inclusion of Dream Eaters. The Dream Eaters are your companions that can be equipped in your party and they can help you out in battle. Why do I not like the Dream Eaters? The only way to get abilities is from the Dream Eaters and you get them via a board spending Link points. You get link points by petting your Dream Eaters, doing mini games, and leveling them up. This sounds tedious and the novelty of the petting and mini games wore off quickly.

Finally, you need to complete a world twice as both Sora and Riku. The problem is these worlds are gigantic. Dream Drop Distance is the complete opposite of Birth by Sleep. Both use the command deck, DDD has faster and better combat than BBS, but BBS has smaller world design while DDD went overboard. I understand that Square Enix wanted the players to use the new mechanic Flowmotion and explore everything, but this is too much. After completing a world with one character, I am already drained and dread doing it again with another character.

From what I played of DDD, the combat is better than BBS, the story does not seem bad so far (I did hear horror stories about how worse the story gets later), and music sounds great. The drop system is mostly at fault here. The Dream Eaters are tedious, but I can tolerate them. I cannot tolerate the drop system. That alone ruins the game for me and I refuse to continue.

My worst opinion ever: I like this game the most out of all the non mainline installments. Is it good compared to some of the other games? Well. Did I have loads of fun, though? Somehow, yeah. It has TWEWY in it, man. I get to play as Sora AND Riku. Their relationship is put at the forefront of the narrative. What can I say, I'm easy to please. Plus, I felt the Disney worlds in this game were the best, most creative and most fun they've been since KH1. While I don't think it's anything close to perfect, it's a bizarre and contrived but fun and vibrant mess that tries to do a lot of different things to varying degrees of success, and I think people give it a bit more hate than it warrants.

note: will play on PS4 in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue


To play through this game I have to skuff it and use cheese mechanics, Other than that. Bruh I love the OST, Worlds, and Story.
I feel like this game Unironically had more soul than 3 even though I enjoyed it less