Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ is a Japan-exclusive 2007 combo pack of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the "Final Mix" version of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, a remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix features new cutscenes, abilities, weapons, enemies, areas, and a new form, while Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories features new cards, cutscenes and mini-games.

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Это круто, что они переделали посредственную игру для ГБА, которая является важным связующим для истории дилогии.

Roxas is the best character of all time...

The best thing ever created. I really love the story and how it wraps up (though KH1 is still my personal favorite story in the series). Sora is the best in this game. And the gameplay is beyond incredible. Sooooo replayable and so many options. Awesome postgame content. Still the gold standard for me.

yes I beat it on level 1, yes i am single