Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

released on Mar 29, 2007

In September 2006, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, featuring new scenes and gameplay elements. Like the first re-release, this version would combine English audio with Japanese text and also use the "Sanctuary" theme song instead of "Passion". New cutscenes, however, used Japanese voice acting, as they mostly featured Organization XIII members from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories who did not yet have English voice actors; these scenes were later re-dubbed into English for the HD 2.5 Remix release.

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Extremely hard game for me to rate. The highs are so unbelievably high, but I think people tend to gloss over how mediocre some parts of it are when they hail this as the best in the franchise. The Disney worlds in this game are so bland and uninspired compared to KH1 it almost feels like a joke. The beginning, climax, and ending are SO, SO strong in terms of their writing, but everything in-between is a slog to get through. Like I said, the parts that we all know are great are seriously phenomenal, and everything about playing through the ending portion of the game had me so crazy hyped I was losing my mind. Still, it's not enough for me to completely overlook how totally meh a lot of the in-between gameplay was due to how lifeless and filler-y the Disney worlds felt. KH1 managed to make them feel a lot more magical, while keeping them relevant enough to the story that it didn't have me constantly tapping my foot waiting for the story to get to the good part like it did in KH2. Still a really great game overall that I also love, but personally, it doesn't quite beat KH1 for me.

Definitely my favorite of the KH games I've played, there's so much fun to be had with the combat especially

Banger game that heavily improves upon every part of KH1. Huge fan of reaction commands, drive forms were cool although getting them to level 7 for abilities sucked and they made summons basically useless, and the new characters and worlds were all neat (esp. Twilight Town with the amazing opening & Hollow Bastion). Atlantis was a huge downgrade though since the music sucked and I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed playing it in KH1.
Gummi Ships were my least favorite part of KH1 so not super happy that they returned, especially since only 2 of those levels I actually found cool (highway & castle raid).
Very mixed on the final boss since parts of it are cool, parts are underwhelming, and the finale I found frustrating.

Un placer rejugarlo. Aunque me gustaba más la banda sonora original.

Tercer peor juego que he jugado en mi vida