Kirby Mass Attack

released on Aug 04, 2011

One day, an evildoer with a magic cane appears and splits Kirby into 10 pieces. Kirby sets off on a journey to return to his original form. Players use the touch screen to control a mass of Kirby characters in a new and novel way. Swipe the touch screen to launch them in a mass attack against enemies, then tap the enemies into submission.

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It was an okay idea, but trying to make sure all of your Kirbies get to the end can be annoying, especially on certain stages. Control were also wonky at times. Decent for a normal playthrough, irritating trying to 100%.

unique but made me pissed of ngl

this made my hand hurt. just unfun to play

one of two only good kirby games

Review in progress:
Wasn't impressed at all. The new gimmick of controlling a lot of Kirby's with a stylus isn't fun or interesting. The levels all blend together.