Kirby's Dream Land 3

released on Nov 27, 1997

That mean old King Dedede is at it again! He's causing his mischief and Dreamland's in trouble! Kirby, the resident hero of Dreamland, sets out to teach Dedede a lesson, this time with the help of many of his good friends!

But wait! Something's wrong! Dedede doesn't seem to be himself...

Looks like Kirby has to stop Dedede and find out what is wrong with him! It almost seems like something's controlling him...

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Jumper Shoot, Yuki, Blocky, and.... ?
Kirbys Dreamland 3 was one of the last games on the snes, and what a fantastic note to go out on, it was. Though i felt some frustration playing I still find myself thinking about this game more than most others in the series. Visually, mechanically, and emotionally, it is a very distinct game in the Kirby line that has a feeling to it i dont get from the other games. My favorite thing about Kirby in general is the sense of love despite little to no words being said. How Kirby loves his friends and his planet, the creatures around him, how a lack of that care is shown through the dark and alien-like Zero whose lonely influence corrupts things in its path. Watching the animal friends i have grown to care so much about surrounding Kirby and Gooey as they go to face off against Zero feels very powerful, and i really adore that through the underlying feeling of dread this game presents sometimes, there are also countless moments of bonding with a cast that left me feeling more attached with them than i do playing a game with dialogue.
On the subject of the animal friends, they are absolutely the life of the game. There is no greater drive to get through a level than knowing that at some point youre going to get to ride Rick around or have Nago smash your face into the ground as a rock 5000 times. Mechanically, it is a very smart idea to have these animals have their own versions of Kirby's copy abilities. Theres only around 6 or so in the game, but with your friends it feels like much more than that. Even though i have 100% completed this game twice, i know for sure that theres combinations with them i havent tried yet and things i havent seen. Everything about them is so charming, i love their spirte work and how alive they feel. I will never not feel bad for leaving Kine behind with the face he makes, really just adore these guys.
And visually, Dreamland 3 is one of the best looking games on the snes. All Kirby games have a strong sense of style, but the penciled look of this game is so unique and feels inseparable from its identity. Each area has its own theme that also functions as a gameplay mechanic, water levels and playing in the clouds and all that. What is very impressive is the side missions you have to set out on in order to beat the game proper, helping the inhabitants of planet Popstar by bringing them their friends or just simply having the courtesy to not crush them while progressing through the level. Most feel like a new way to experience the stage, and while some can be very difficult i feel like the concept in general is very sweet and fun.
For a game made in 1997 i feel as though it holds up relatively well, especially with its co-op which is very seamless for the time, but there are a few things i would change. If i could just instantly run without having to double tap the d pad, that would basically flatten out all the frustrations i had while playing. I also wish there was an easier way to gain back health than running through the first level again, but that can be managed. Difficulty wise, this is definitely the hardest game in the entire series and to be honest i probably struggled with it more than i did with most Fromsoft titles just due to the limited movement and the obscurity of the level missions. It is not a good Kirby game to start with for sure, but it is a highlight of the series that i care about a lot.
I love gooey, i love kirby, i love dedede even when hes possesed and has a weird hitbox. There is no greater joy than hopping around in Kine or bouncing on an umbrella with Nago. Even if the levels are tough i think everything else about the game makes up for that plenty, adds to its idenity even. Lots of poor opinions on this game so i thought i would show it the proper respect it deserves, a game with Rick in it cannot be bad. Have a nice day, and make sure not to step on any flowers...

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I find the controls frustrating playing this immediately after dream land 2. The lack of a run option in 2 coupled with the relatively shorter levels made the movement seamless, while in this game there’s many times where you make a turn or land a jump and come to a complete stop which I find breaks the flow of gameplay on a minute level.
Some of the heart star mini games where you have to memorize stuff were pretty challenging, I cheated by recording my screen and viewing the playback like a little bitch

Ah, I love this game, one of my favorites of all time, and the second chapter o the Dark Matter Saga, I love how animal friends are back and how they're utilized, I love the graphics, I love how it feels and I love how it looks. I don't usually play older games to get impressed but this game impressed me with some of the animal friends abilities alone.

This game is better than Dream Land 1 & 2....
This game has an awesome artstyle.....This game has Hamster Rick and some more friends....But man.....
The abilities???? I'm bored!
This game is BORING. I wanted it to end!
I made it end.

best music ever. like it seriously altered my brain chemistry. i hope that they try experimenting with this art style too its soo yummy

holds a special place in my heart for the art style and music alone