Kirby's Dream Land

released on Apr 27, 1992

The gluttonous King Dedede has stolen all of the food from the inhabitants of Dream Land for a midnight feast, so Kirby, a resident of Dream Land, goes to retrieve the food and stop Dedede. Kirby's Dream Land plays like other platformers of the 8-bit and 16-bit era of video games: Kirby must use various natural abilities and occasionally external abilities or items while heading toward the goal at the end of each level. Like many 1980s-era platformers, the player can accumulate points, with an extra life granted when the player has enough points. However, because Kirby lacks a save function, scores are not recorded. Also, there are no save files, so the player has to start over again when the Game Boy is turned off, if the player chooses to return to the title screen after a Game Over, or if the player resets the game. All levels are played on a two-dimensional plane, letting Kirby move only left, right, up, and down. Kirby can walk, jump, and fly. Kirby can also inhale objects and enemies, swallowing them or spitting them out as projectiles.

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A nice bite-size adventure. POYO

Ah, 1992, back to a simpler time for Kirby... But a bit too simple...
This game is the Kirby we know and love and I doubt I need to introduce to you what Kirby is about since you probably already played a more modern Kirby title in your life, it would be more interesting to point out what's missing from this title compared to the more modern Kirby ones.
The elephant in the room is obviously the lack of copy abilities, it really sucks to play a Kirby game without it since you don't really miss them till they take it away from you. This game is really short, though it kinda is the quirk of Kirby game since they all tend to be on the short side, this one is about 30 minutes long.
If there's one unique thing about this game is the difficulty, it's easy as hell! And for a Gameboy game it's honestly a miracle since Gameboy and NES games used to be hellish to complete, making this game feel more modern and well uh... finishable.
Should you play this game? Why not, it's part of Kirby's history and it's short as all hell.

Certainly a classic. It looks great, sounds great, and plays very well for a Game Boy game (especially when you consider how uniquely Kirby controlled for the time). Ultimately, its short length and breezy difficulty makes it easy to visit this cute and charming romp--it's well worth it.

it's the first game in the series and can be completed in less then an hour. Still pretty cozy like most of the games in this series.

I’m sorry but I have not been able to ever fully get into a Kirby game, they are just not that fun. This is one of those cases

it's like 5 minutes and that's only a bit of an exaggeration