Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

released on Dec 11, 1997
by Namco

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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

released on Dec 11, 1997
by Namco

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is a side-scrolling platform game viewed from a "2.5D" perspective. The player moves the protagonist, Klonoa, along a path in a two-dimensional fashion, but the game is rendered in three dimensions. This allows the path followed to curve and for the player to interact with objects outside of the path.

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I've been on something of a lull lately. Playing almost nothing but rpgs, dense story driven affairs, and dense story driven rpgs has taking something of a toll on me as of late, so I decided to play this as a nice cooldown in between other shit.

It was cool. Above average platformer affair. 2.5D stuff was cool, Klonoa felt fun to control, the level design was well done except for a few parts, mostly just World 3 which I thought kinda sucked ass. Klonoa's attack thingy also feels a little too short, would've preferred if it was just a bit longer. Bosses are cool! I liked basically all of them except for the last couple, which both kinda felt like boring slogs.

But fr tho who gives a shit about the gameplay of Klonoa. You think I'm playing a video game to have fun gameplay? Nah son I'm here for the aesthetics. The beautiful polygonal gameplay. The phenomenal midi ost. The great sound effects. It's genuinely kind of overwhelming at points, how loud the music gets along with all the weird sound effects going through.

Did not expect this game to fuck me up as much as it did though! A combination of weirdly evocative nonsense word voice acting and a genuinely fucked story really got to me at points. I ain't gonna pretend I'm a big man and act like this shit ain't make me tear up a little cuz it did. Twice.

That ending chief. Such a bitter note to end such a whimsical game on. I was fully expecting it to double back on it in some way like it did at first with Huepow but nah. My man's is just gone. Genuinely fucked up.

Uno de los plataformeros mas creativos que he jugado,a su vez que es uno de mis juegos favoritos de la PS1,y re-jugarlo me dejo bastante satisfecho.
Es un juego el cual logra aprovechar bastante bien sus mecánicas principales y logra ser un juego sumamente divertido,debido a que en general tiene un muy buen diseño de nivel,bastante variado y con retos bastante divertidos,donde se utilizan bastante bien sus mecánicas centrales,siendo niveles donde se siente mucho la creatividad en base a sus retos que plantea,siendo algo que me encanto de este juego,dando así una experiencia realmente encantadora.
Definitivamente lo recomiendo mucho si buscas un juego lleno de creatividad y con un muy buen reto.
Esta bueno el Kirby de furros.

O salto tridimensional pelo qual o gênero de plataforma passou nos meados dos 1990 parece não ter existido aqui. Antes, Klonoa utiliza a terceira dimensão para ampliar as possibilidades do que se podia fazer em sidescrollers bidimensionas. Chamá-lo de um platformer 2.5D é, ao mesmo tempo, um desserviço e preciso. Por um lado é totalmente inadequado agrupar Klonoa com jogos como NSMB, que simplesmente colocam polígonos numa visão lateral e dizem "trabalho feito". Por outro, nenhum outro game faz mais jus a tal rótulo. Seus níveis circulares e espiralados, que usam e a abusam das múltiplas perspectivas que o eixo Z adiciona, estão justamente nesse espaço transitório entre as dimensões. Os polígonos não são um mero artefato estético dentro de um game que seria nada menos que um sidescroller padrão: eles permitem a criação de níveis criativos, dinâmicos e que são um puro deleite de se atravessar.

O que não quer dizer que as possibilidades estéticas trazidas pela tecnologia 3D sejam irrelevantes ou ignoráveis, muito pelo contrário. O jogo é simplesmente lindo de morrer. As torres e espirais que permeiam esse mundo, com todas suas vivas cores e cheios de personagens que esbanjam carisma, parecem ter saído diretamente de um sonho. Um sonho que você percorre junto de Klonoa, vivendo junto com ele cada momento de sua história simples mas genuinamente emotiva.

Klonoa parece ser a materialização de um dos caminhos não percorridos pelo gênero de plataforma — caminhos suprimidos e abortados pelo surgimento paradigmático de Super Mario 64, que numa tacada só criou uma cisão entre jogos de plataforma 2D e 3D e definiu o molde que os jogos tridimensionais seguiriam dali em diante. "Parece" porque sua própria existência é a prova material de que o caminho em questão foi percorrido e, mesmo que a estrada seja remota e tomada um pouco pelo mato, ela nos leva a lugares quase oníricos de tão fantásticos.

Love the look of this game and the gibberish fake language, I just wasn't expecting the spike in difficulty at the end.

The dreamy landscapes lose their magic very soon as the screen fills with collectibles, health refills, keys to open doors, and the worst one, enemies respawning only so you can advance, slaves to what-you-have-to-do... The main characteristic from a gameplay perspective comes in the form of Klonoa’s weapon. His weapon can capture enemies and then throw them around any direction or even use them as a double jump. There’s not much to it and after five minutes the interest in using this mechanic is lost. The game knows it, so in order to keep the idea being used it throws mini-puzzles again and again and again turning what would be a forgettable tool into an unforgettable chore.

The not specially great platformer could be enough to carry on with the overall adventure, but in that regard it fails even more. The biggest miss is that the drama doesn’t hit at all. Is it really that sad that a character that just talked to send Klonoa to do a chore in the whole game dies? Is it to cry if at the end of Super Mario Yoshi said “sorry Mario I messed with your mind so that you would help us, you are not really from this planet you must go”? I think I would care a little bit about anything that happened if the supposed charm wasn’t so careless. One highlight of how mishandled this charming adventure is would be the second boss of the game, where to liberate the mother of a character from the control of the bad ones you have to hit her with another mind-controlled evil guy until both become good again. Between this and killing a mother’s ghost to liberate her in the first Pokemon games this generation’s moms must have kept their guard very up.

Not sure what I was expecting going into this, but I ended up really loving it.
The gameplay has this fantastic flow to it that isn't too easy nor difficult. The main gimmick of grabbing enemies and using them for puzzles is creative and the way it's implemented is genius. Using enemies to interact with things in the background and foreground of stages really helps create a more immersive experience. You feel like the places are vast and expansive because there's so much going on in them. 'Aha' moments are plentiful and really show how much fun the puzzles are. I love discovering that something I did in the level actually affects a previously blocked path I saw. And the best part is that there is usually minimal backtracking; there's probably a path up ahead that links back to a previous one which keeps it fresh.
The boss fights are nothing special but they offer a unique challenge and I enjoy them quite a bit.
Every character has a distinct and appealing look that I really like. Every character looks different from Klonoa design-wise which is a perfect tie-in with the story.
Musically it is extremely atmospheric. Each track perfectly fits the mood of their accompanying level which also helps the immersion.
The story is kinda simple at first but by the end it gets really out there which I love. Essentially reaching the boundaries of the world and facing off against the wackiest creatures. The characters are likable and by the end you really do feel for Klonoa and Huepow. Dreams/Nightmares being a key part strangely reminds me of NiGHTS which isn't a bad thing at all. The lore here could be expanded upon greatly which makes me excited to see what they do with the sequel.
Overall, I really like this game and I highly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of the platformer genre. Just... don't spend $700 dollars on it.