From Mark Cerny, one of the greatest minds in video games today, Knack is a fun-filled adventure of colossal proportions that invites players to wield fantastic powers and discover a unique and vibrant world.

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you know it aint great but at least its not another pallet swap Sony open world game and it had a cool tech demo type gimmick going for it

I played this all the way through with my brother on co-op the day we got the PS4 and it was fun as heck. However, I remeber none of it.

It's ok?, because some trophies are RNG based. It's comes to how many additional hour you want to spend just to get platinum. If you wanna just complete the main story it's just ok.

One of the most miserable experiences I have ever had when completing a video game.
If you play this, PLEASE only play it once. Don't go for the platinum. It's just not worth it.

Knack is like the video game equivalent of a bag of potato chips. It has practically no substance, and it's far from the best thing of its kind that you can partake in, but in spite of that, it's still pretty enjoyable regardless of what it obviously lacks.
You don't play Knack to experience deep, innovative gameplay or a sweeping, dramatic narrative. You play Knack to make your little relic guy become a big relic guy that can throw tanks at airplanes.
The crystal collection system that relies on farming preset locations for completely random items (complete with duplicates) sucks some serious ass though.

I constantly see people overuse the term "mid" for things they think are actually terrible. With that said, this is something that I think appropriately fits the term "mid."