Kuru Kuru Kururin

released on Mar 21, 2001

The story begins when Kururin’s brothers and sisters go missing, and it is up to him to find them. Kururin is initially unsure that he is up to the task because he has never left his home world before. Being the adventurous and helpful fellow he is, Kururin agrees to rescue his lost family. Teacher Hare trains Kururin in the art of controlling the Helirin, a stick-shaped helicopter that has a slow-spinning propeller. Piloting the Helirin through the different worlds will be a difficult task, but using Teacher Hare's valuable lessons, Kururin bravely sets out on his adventure to rescue his lost family.

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Abri o jogo, não me pegou, dps de um tempo, queria um joguinho com partidas rápidas e abri ele novamente, aí me pegou muito, me surpreendeu demais, é desafiador, mas fui atrás de passar todas às fases sem levar dano. Não imaginava que uma nave bizarra controlada por um pássaro em busca dos seus irmãos fosse me divertir tanto.

This game is good, but without the control and variety the sequels added the game gets repetitive, there's a lot of waiting to get into the right angle of rotation, you cant speed it up like in the other games. I can't remember most of the levels in this, and after playing the other games there's no going back. It's kind of a pure arcade style game without the extra polish to make it something special.
Really nice presentation though.

Kuru Kuru Kuruin is a Game Boy Advance launch title that we North Americans didn't receive until it was released as part of the GBA Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.
I like the concept of using a Japanese fidget toy and converting it into a puzzle game based on precision, and I think they executed it quite well. The levels are solid and passing through tight corridors without taking any damage can be satisfying. My main issue with the game is the difficulty curve as the later levels can be quite annoying to complete thanks to obstacles such as spike balls and cannonballs. I didn’t bother getting perfects in all the levels to unlock the extra world because of my frustration. If I had given a little more time to do this, I could've pulled it off, but I got my fulfillment with the Adventure Mode and Challenge Mode
Kuru Kuru Kuruin is an obscure GBA game that I enjoyed. Despite my frustration with the later half of the game, I recommend this to people who have the Expansion Pack or have an emulator installed like mGBA.

Like a GBA Super Monkey Ball. Cool idea. Pretty tough too. Not the biggest fan of that WarioWare-core style but it was the early 2000s.

I think this game could significantly benefit from having a checkpoint system, as clearing levels beginning to end in one run can be extremely tedious and difficult. I can't get too upset at the game for this though; it gives you the resources to help complete a level, as the practice mode includes checkpoints and even watchable demos of each level. I feel like this game would be much more enjoyable (and longer) if I was a kid in 2001 who just got this game with my new GBA as opposed to someone abusing the rewind feature on the Switch to beat the game as fast as possible. It has a lot of charm, and I really like the unique concept of the gameplay.