LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

released on Apr 05, 2022

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a third-person action-adventure with an open world hub. Unlike previous Lego games in which players had to advance through the story in a linear order, players can now choose to start the game from any of the main Skywalker Saga episodes and complete them in any order they wish. Each episode has their own hub filled with planets featured prominently in each respective film that can be visited and explored. Each episode will have five story missions each, a total of 45 levels.

Combat has also been revamped, such as lightsaber fights now involving a variety of combos with light attacks, heavy attacks, and Force moves, and blaster characters having an over-the-shoulder camera angle featured in many third-person shooter games.

Random encounters will also happen in the game's hub. For example, an Imperial Star Destroyer will suddenly jump out of hyperspace and send a fleet of TIE Fighters after the player. Players can choose to engage in dogfights with them or continue onward to progress the story. The game will have more than 200 playable characters, though TT Games has said that number will change.

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I got soft locked on one of the last levels but this game isn't very good so I just didn't feel like going all the way to finish it. Very disappointing, I had much higher expectations. Cool to see all these locations but the gameplay is somehow worse than other lego games, and the levels are so stripped down and short. I don't know how they fumbled this badly after so many years of working on it.

somehow the first game in existence to be made actively WORSE through the addition of co-op

um dia devo voltar pra pelo menos zerar a campanha, agora platinar da ate preguiça

Got this for a friend as when it came out it had strong buzz from fairly trusted sources. I remembered loving the old one, so i got it for him. We decided to co op it, and it has been underwhelming. Decided to leave it to him as he'd probably enjoy it more on his own.
I dont like star wars really. But the games turn out fine most of the time. I think this is mostly better for when you have young kids largely as it just wasnt fun and felt like a lot of busywork typically. Then, doing side challenges which may be more fun, would take more time. We tried to beeline it for the end to then replay with characters we wanted to in free play, but i had to tap out as we both kind of realized we werent enjoying it and were pressing on just to finish. I hope it's more enjoyable as a grown adult by yourself, as only the time spent with a dear friend was worthwhile to me here.