Life is Strange 2

released on Sep 26, 2018

The long awaited sequel to the award winning Life is Strange returns with a new 5-part narrative adventure from DONTNOD Entertainment.

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Dontnod's fully-fledged sequel to Life is Strange cannot quite capture the same magic of the first game, with a pretty jarringly inconsistent road trip adventure between two brothers on the run. There were parts of Life is Strange 2 I really connected with and others I totally rolled my eyes at. It's no surprise that the game wasn't nearly the hit that the first title was with this sort of shocking inconsistency, but they tried something different. That being said, I'm not sure if the hangout teenage angst vibe of the series really worked well with the fugitives story this takes on. I didn't expect "the wall" to make a late appearance in this, that's for sure.

Goodness... this was hard to get through. I am sorry everyone I can't get behind this game it was so boring and awful dialogue.

This review contains spoilers

A moving story and the kid wasn't obnoxious. Fell short of the first one though. AND WHY DID YOU MAKE ME NAME THE DOG IF YOU WERE JUST GOING TO KILL IT OFF IN THE NEXT SCENE

One of the worst games i have ever had the unpleasure of playing.

There's so much that could be said about the thematic depth of this game, of the pure emotional core that Dontnod captures perfectly yet again despite their writing always just being a little bit off, of the brilliantly real characters that light up this fictional world... but I'm lazy, so for now I'll just say: I want to live in chapter 3 of this game. Best LiS moment of all time.

Esse é o jogo que eu mais me identifico, me faz refletir e chorar de todos, tem um lugar muito especial no meu coração, gostaria que todo mundo pudesse jogar se tiver a oportunidade, uma das melhores obras (não só jogo, mas no geral) que trata dos temas que aborda, Daniel e Sean tem um desenvolvimento muito lindo, e mesmo os personagens menos relevantes conseguem fazer você se apegar. Muita gente pode discordar e até hoje não entendi o porquê, mas esse pra mim é o melhor Life is Strange de sempre, supera muito o primeiro.