Life is Strange: True Colors

released on Sep 10, 2021

Life is Strange is a series of award-winning and critically-acclaimed narrative adventure games. Discover a universe where everyday heroes wield supernatural powers, while dealing with real challenges, real relationships, and real emotions. It's our world... with a twist of the strange. No matter your choices, the experience will stay with you forever. Deep in the mountains of Colorado, you'll find Haven Springs, a small mining town filled with beauty and mystery. As Alex, you'll discover the shocking secrets behind your brother’s death in an emotional roller-coaster of an adventure, using your psychic power of Empathy to change fate and change lives.

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This review contains spoilers

great game but i don't remember much apart from gabes death :'')

MID AS FUCKKKKKKK. with the other life is strange games, i can remember the story and plot points so vividly as they have stuck with me for years. however, true colours breaks the trend, i don't recall what happens in this game, aside from the beginning and end, and i don't care to remember anyway. square enix sort yourself out i want a new lis game to spend on my money on and for it to be worth it.

Here I am, a person that strongly do not believe in true colors. The idea itself is notable but I did not exactly liked how it was utilized. Compared to Max's time manipulation abilities it was so disposable and the game did not offer enough puzzles even for a modern point&click adventure. Its story is convincing, I like Alex and Steph both while the supporting characters were not half bad either. I liked the local town and its quite short but local story. It didn't feel as big and as complex as the LIS and LIS BTS, which is fine and welcome by me. But... Was this the best Deck9 could achieve other than updating the engine while Dontnod's take on LIS was an ouvre for many of the franchise's fans?

it wasn't bad, but it wasn't as intriguing as the other two. the story felt way too short and when i thought it was getting really good it just ended?

kkkkkkkk 300 reais pra isso nao da