Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors

released on Sep 10, 2021

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Life is Strange: True Colors

released on Sep 10, 2021

Alex Chen hides her 'curse': the supernatural ability to absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others. When her brother dies in a so-called accident, she must embrace her volatile power to find the truth — and reveal dark secrets buried by the town.

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Given Deck Nine's previous history with LiS, I was a bit wary going into this one, but they've definitely redeemed themselves. Good story with great plot twists, phenomenal cast of characters, & and a top tier soundtrack.

Definitely recommend to Life is Strange fans and anyone interested.

So, generally speaking, I'm kind of on the fence about "choose your own adventure" style games. Offering the player simple branching paths is one of the least interesting forms of interactivity, in my opinion.

But this game executes on that concept about as well as you possibly could. There's genuine moral complexity to the questions the game poses, and the consequences of your choices will have an emotional resonance rarely found in video games.

I enjoy this series a lot, but I felt that True Colors never fully reached the full potential of its concept. Being able to see and feel the emotions of others is a very interesting idea. Sometimes the game had confidence to explore this topic by fully transforming the area around you to reflect the emotional state of the characters, but other times it was just "look at this painting that makes me mad."

There were some big highlights for me, such as the ending chapter, the depiction of the downside of empathy (taking on too many emotions that are not your own), and I genuinely liked most of the characters. Though the game's story, the big thing that you're supposed to attach to in a game like this, had very hit-or-miss writing where at times it pulls your heartstrings, and at others makes you groan, and at the worst of times, makes you LARP for an hour and you almost die of cringe.

I still liked the game alright, but it could've been better.

As a big picture narrative, True Colors lands somewhere between fine and good. But as a low-stakes tone piece about compassion, it's exceptional.

Through a variety of characters and circumstances, True Colors demonstrates the power of "being there" for someone, and more than that, it offers satisfying flexibility in deciding what that means. There are astoundingly few "wrong" answers! I was pleased to see this game give Alex the space to actually get aggro with people, if they deserved it.

That said, my favorite moments are the ones that encourage you to do something nice for someone else's benefit. Without spoilers: there's a scene where you help an elderly person that had me crying. Chapter 3 in particular is such a fun and inventive use of the narrative mechanics. And there are a lot of small moments with un-named characters that reward you for being observant. These are the things that I'll remember most when I look back on this game.

Me asustaba un poco que esta fuera la primera entrega no desarollada por Dontnod, pero por suerte eran temores infundados.

Esta saga no falla. Otro gran juego que me ha marcado y que consigue encontrar su propia voz con respecto a las dos entregas principales anteriores. Esta vez el enfoque es bastante más intimista y centrado en los personajes, lo cual encaja genial con el poder empático de Alex.

También le ha sentado genial el hecho de salir entero de golpe, al permitir que los capítulos no tengan que dar una comida completa a cada vez, lo cual le aporta un ritmo excelente.

Muy satisfecho y ojalá tengamos una cuarta entrega por Deck Nine, porque han demostrado estar a la altura y la saga tiene una fórmula infalible para aguantar a largo plazo.

A 'return to form' of sorts. This entry into the series hit a lot more of the same beats as the first (and still best) one. Most importantly of all that you can be a lesbian with a girl wearing a hat. Thank you Dontnod.

It's got its flaws for sure, but overall it captures the moods it needs to really well and makes you kinda love everyone in it. Now for God's sake can we show Hector's name when I talk to him?! Not 'Hoodie guy', not 'Jelly bean counter', his name is Hector!