Lil Gator Game

Lil Gator Game

released on Dec 14, 2022

Lil Gator Game

released on Dec 14, 2022

The world is big when you’re a lil gator... Good thing it’s also full of friends! There’s a buddy atop every hill in this open-world, movement-focused adventure and they all seem to need help! Bop cardboard baddies, brave serene hills and forests, and scale sheer rocks that only a kid would dare!

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What an absolute gem of a game, the game is what I like to think of as a 'low investment game' what I mean by that is that the game generally is approachable, easy to pick up and isn't asking a lot of the player.

It's the sort of game thats fun for experienced players to engage with and easy for people unused to games to get into.

The game is just overall quality, the characters and dialogue are funny, interesting and well written with some nice touching moments woven in.

The gameplay is light with some challenging bits for people that want to go out of their way, the game was a pleasure to 100%.

I also absolutely adore the way the game has been designed and animated, seeing the MC's eyes flatly sticking out at certain angles, the way they move stiffly but energetically feels either purposeful or just designers working with what they have to maximum effect, either way its gold and I couldn't help but chuckle many times when we were moving them around.

The game also understands exactly what makes collecting any 'in game currency' so fun and that is, collecting a lot of stuff very fast, it doesn't matter what it is and it doesn't matter if the value doesn't match the perceived 'largeness' of what you are getting.

The in game currency being essentially craft supplies, smashing through cardboard 'enemies' and smashing pots of confetti and just seeing the numbers go up hit that part of the brain that just hoots and screams at getting 'lots' of something.

Overall I really love this game and think it's well worth anyones time, its fantastic and I'll be keeping an eye on what this team does in the future.

(I also love the several thinly veiled allusions to the creators being exhausted just making it, I will support any and all tired kings and queens, keep slugging away gang)

A wholesome, endearing game that you might need in a rainy day. Thanks for everything big sis.

Wow I sure do love being a non binary younger sibling of an older sister who I miss since she went to college. Hey, this game looks cute! I wonder what its about...

oh no.

As somebody who grew up with an older sister, this game HIT HARD

I was a kid who was very entertained with my old sister. She was an amazing friend to play Wii with and to stay when I was not having a good time...
Now, she's all an adult now. But I'm just a teen.
My mind couldn't process why she couldn't be playing with me! I never thought homework and study was such an horrible task to do when it comes to have free time with friends.
Now, I play alone without no one to play as the 2nd player. Or for even watching me!
This game made me feel like the protagonist and say: I guess I will have to impress my big sister by creating a whole RPG and exploration game on the whole city!
Jokes away, if your old sister or brother is now an adult that doesn't have time to play with you, play this game with them. At least made them watch you play, it doesn't have multiplayer mode.