Little Misfortune

released on Sep 18, 2019

Little Misfortune is an interactive story, focused on exploration and characters, both sweet and dark, where your choices have consequences.

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I've seen small portions of the game before, and after okaying it myself, I can definitely say it's an enjoyable experience.
Going through the story with Misfortune, I grew really fond of her. Progressively getting to know more about her throughout the story was engaging and fun, and towards the end you could finally understand what happened.
The art style and sound design was wonderful, with some really nice music. Going from scene to scene, I really appreciated the many details.
I do admit that some jokes and parts were a bit too silly or gross, but you're following a child through their journey, so I feel they fit perfectly.
All in all, I do love this game and would love to replay it again to see what other details and endings I can find.

I'm a little lady, you know?
Uma aventura sombria e divertida, com um humor um tanto quanto peculiar.
Simplesmente adoro esse game, a Misfortune é algo!

Probably has the worst looking run cycle I've ever seen a character have, that's about the only impression this left on me. An interminable 3 hours of sitting through a poorly written predictable story, there's very little game here so all it has is its writing to fall back on. That'd be fine if it were any good, but it seems to think it's deep and poignant when it's so painfully rote and predictable. I'll give it this - it's better written than 12 Minutes, there's my ringing endorsement.