Loop Hero

released on Mar 04, 2021

The Lich has thrown the world into a timeless loop and plunged its inhabitants into never ending chaos. Wield an expanding deck of mystical cards to place enemies, buildings, and terrain along each unique expedition loop for the brave hero.

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Premisa muy original, no ha llegado a engancharme tanto como otros roguelikes pero ha sido una experiencia distinta y entretenida. Tiene algunos puntos mejorables:
La historia parte de una premisa muy interesante pero los diálogos y personajes son poco carismáticos y acaban cansando. Además, hay ciertas builds overpowered que hacen que sea poco rewarding experimentar, por lo que el gameplay loop acaba haciendose repetitivo.
Me ha parecido un juego que parte de una premisa muy original pero que después de unas cuantas horas acaba cansando tanto en términos de gameplay como narrativa. Aún así aprecio mucho que se arriesgue creando juegos como este que, aún y no ser perfectos, son únicos y aportan algo nuevo a la industria.

solid fun game with amazing spritework, but kinda breaks once you realize forest+river is by FAR the most broken build in the game and the game on replay turns into meta progression until you have that->instant win. spritework music and especially the sound design is top top tier tho.

Apparently I've played this game for almost 50 hours. I don't think it's that great. I do love the art design. As a story, it's a neat concept especially with how it melts together with the gameplay loop, but it leaves me feeling as blank and empty as the protagonist feels in the beginning. Maybe that's some kind of commentary on the recent trend of indie games leaning into the "NUMBER GOES UP!!!" genre ala Vampire Survivors, but it's still doing that thing at the end of the day. And it's doesn't even do that with the flare and absolute absurdity that Vampire Survivors does. It's a mindless timesink, but not in a way that loses you hours because of the constant casino-like dopamine flow. Instead, you lose hours because all of the goalposts are just far enough out of reach and the loops are all brainless enough to sleep through that you think "maybe this will be the run where I finally get the supply I need" but it isn't. It never is. Apparently I've played this game almost 50 hours.

I think this game is about how I realized I was done with deckbuilder games for a while.

To be honest I wanted to finish a story very bad with this game because the beginning is intriguing. But…
The reason I put 3 is the main problem of the whole game. After some time it is not interesting.
There are different factors for that:
- There is small amount of content. Only 3 classes (though I admit they have completely unique playstyle). One world. not much cards, not much bosses.
- The game is not rogue-like in the usual sense. Yeas, you have kind of random, but the game tries to play in reversed manner, where you build the environment instead of it being generated for you. And here is a crucial part. There are not much situations pushing you to use different, styles and different deck. You just try to find one that works for you, and then do runs over and over again
- The dialog system is pretty simple. After 2 times of fight with the same boss, one dialog repeats over and over again. For instance in Hades even after 10nth meeting with the same character I see new and new dialogs and details of the lore (and all of them with voice over). Here, no.
This games doesn’t work as rouge-random-generator. This game doesn’t work as novel. There is to much grind and too less situations to push you into diversity of cards.
The OST and the Idea are brilliant though!