Lost in Random

released on Sep 10, 2021

Welcome to the world of Random, a dark kingdom where every citizen’s future is determined by the roll of a dice. Will you be defeated by your fate or embrace chaos and learn to make it work in your favor? Embark on a journey with Even and her sidekick Dicey to play the odds and break the curse of Random.

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The game has amazing style. It looks like Psychonauts that met Tim Burton's cartoons. Music is outstanding too. However, it's pretty boring. Battles are repetitive and when you stumble a new group of enemies, you sigh sadly. If you have nothing on your backlogs, you may like it. It's 3.5/5 from me.

Dice dice baby
First tried it on Switch but this version looks terrible and has plenty of bugs.
Fortunately the game runs much better on Xbox Series.
The combat is fun but you quickly end up finding a deck that is efficient enough to carry you until the end so it gets a bit repetitive.
Loved the characters and the humour. Ending feels a bit rushed though.

La dirección de arte de este juego es una chulada, los escenarios son una delicia visual y los personajes junto todo el bicherío que viven en Azar emiten carisma. El sistema de combate —una mezcla de arpg sencillito, con elementos de construcción de mazos y tirada de dados—, aunque algo tosco por la movilidad de la protagonista, es muy entretenido, pero hubiera preferido que los combates estuvieran más por el mapa sin más y lo eventos cerrados que te cortan el ritmo de la exploración.
La historia es bastante clásica, la cual se ve enriquecida por la aparición de un narrador que va contando las peripecias de la protagonista, siempre manteniendo el humor que tiene constantemente todo el juego, incluso llegando a romper la barrea en la relación entre protagonista de cuento y cuentacuentos que quieren dar entre ambos. Tiene un ritmo bastante decente la mayor gran parte del juego, a excepción del último tramo que se siente apresurado y sin una dirección real sobre como quieren expresar el giro final de la historia.
En general ha sido una experiencia entretenida, que para lo que me ha costado en rebajas, ha valido la pena.

This is a really charming little game. The combat is underwhelming, but it's sufficient; I can't name any major flaws with it, but it's ultimately the most forgettable part of the experience. Where this game really shines is in its world design, atmosphere, and presentation. As much as I love realistic AAA games like God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring, there's always a special place in my heart for more stylized titles like this, and I really can't think of another game like Lost in Random in that regard. Unless you're really hunting for the best combat gameplay experience you can find, I strongly recommend this game, and despite its flaws, I'll be more than happy to jump into any sequel that comes out for another chance to, dare I say it, get lost in Random.
The only big problem is no one in the game knows the singular form of "dice" so for that reason alone I must sadly give it a 0 out of 10.

This game is a delight. It also makes me sort of sad, because it's SO close.
It has one of the most interesting worlds and stories I've seen in recent memory, the stylization is delightful, the ambience and music and character designs are all a pure joy.
I'm not someone who gets precious about realism in video games and I love some super crisp graphics, but it's so, so refreshing to see something that's a.) extremely stylized and b.) stylized in a way that's 'ugly' by design. The environments are genuinely lovely and play perfectly with the story. Each world feels distinct and unique despite being populated by the same handful of character models, and I didn't even mind the model reuse because they're all SO lovely to look at. And while the very end of the story does feel a bit like it comes out of nowhere, it still fits the established themes enough that I don't even really care. It has gorgeous, deeply poignant things to say about the nature of loss, how there's no real way to be truly safe in a world that's plagued by random chance, how even despite that we have to strive to find joy and love and closeness, and how attempts to force safety just limit connection and care. It has beautiful things to say about how even the kindest people can be turned into the worst versions of themselves by fear, and how, given a chance, those people can and will redeem themselves. It says, again and again, it's okay to be terrified or angry about how unfair it all is, but you have to keep going.
And the gameplay and general movement is just...not great. It's not HORRIBLE, it's just so SLOW. I kept thinking that if the combat and movement was snappier that this game would be perfect. It reminds me a bit of Alice: Madness Returns in that way; gorgeous aesthetic and design sensibilities and a lovely story let down by their often-boring movement. Which is especially frustrating because the combat here has SO much potential to be SO GOOD. The randomization element is SO fun in theory, it just, again, is hampered by the movement being slow as hell. None of the bossfights are standouts, though some of the minibosses bring interesting things to the table.
I know I'm not the first to make the Alice: Madness Returns reference, and they do have a lot in common aesthetically and, to a lesser extent, narratively. Broadly speaking, if you liked one you'll like the other. If I had to describe it, I'd say A:MA x Psychonauts x Lemony Snicket, which, again, should be the COOLEST THING EVER and it's so frustrating that it isn't.
Normally, my go-to rating for "this is a game I'm unlikely to play again due to its various flaws but that I still enjoyed for what it is" is 3 stars, but that just feels...not right here. Like I said, it comes SO CLOSE. It has SO MUCH potential to be one of my favourite games ever and I want to honor that. I'd love to see a sequel or a spiritual successor — a quick-moving 3D platformer in the style of Psychonauts 2 with this kind of aesthetic sensibilities and semi-randomized combat has so so soooo much potential.
Despite all my bitching, I still genuinely think it's a lovely game. It's unique, it's not another huge, generic game pumped out to appeal to the widest possible demographic, and it takes itself seriously without getting precious about it. At a certain point you've got to support the flawed-but-unique things, just so there's SOMETHING there that isn't another generic RPG.
Also, Death is there just for a deeply funny cameo and the narrator, who is just a disembodied voice, at one point is kidnapped which, like, that alone is 5 stars.