released on Nov 10, 2022

Lunistice is a 3D Platformer created with simple but fun gameplay and a cute PS1/SEGA Saturn inspired artstyle in mind. Take the role of Hana the Tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams!

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A fun, stylish little romp. Feels almost like a speedy Crash Bandicoot.

Lunistice can be defined by "head empty, no thoughts, just jumping arround", is a cozy 3d platformer that has simple but well executed idea that makes cruising trough this game a pleasant experience, inspired by the likes of Celeste and A hat in time is for sure a good recommendation and a short experience worth your time.

The controls are pretty good and it's very polished overall, but I found it too tedious to 100% complete, so at a certain point I stopped caring and just finished it any%. The level design can be hit or miss sometimes.

sega saturnesque 3d platformer that is not a lot of fun after the first hour.