Macbat 64: Journey of a Nice Chap

released on Mar 17, 2017

Macbat 64 is a low poly 3D Platformer and 4:3 loveletter to the late 90s.

All the 3D platforming goodness from the late 90s is back!
Search, Collect and Jump (multiple times in a row even!) like it's

3D Platforming is not enough? Well, I got some kart racing, 8-Bit minigames,
stunt driving 80s cars, First Person shooting sections, 2.5D Sections, a bar
full of half drunk characters and a temple full of water for you!
...wait, come back here! The waterlevel is not that difficult, I promise!

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bem legalzinho e bem gostosinho

where it all started. the best N64 game

No esperaba un nivel entero de metroid prime

acredito q tenha sido meu primeiro jogo da Siactro
copia bem a pegada do 64, podia ser mais polido em alguns detalhes e ter uma dificuldade maior mas é oq é

i swear it feels like he is on slow mo the whole game