Mad Max

released on Sep 01, 2015

In Mad Max, the player takes on the role of titular character Mad Max; a dangerous melee fighter and can use his attacks to kill almost anyone. His weapon of choice is his shotgun. He is assisted by another man called Chumbucket. Chum mainly works with Max to build and upgrade the Magnum Opus vehicle.

Mad Max will feature a variety of weapons which Max can use to defeat enemies. Though the shotgun is Max's weapon of choice, ammo is scarce, and so melee options are the smarter way to go. The 'thunderstick' is an explosive weapon that can be lanced into an enemy's chest, crackling like a lit dynamite fuse before blowing the victim to smithereens. The Harpoon is also one of Max's favorite weapon though it can only be used in-vehicle with Chum riding along. Max's Magnum Opus can be combined with a speedy V12 engine and powerful ramming ability to destroy enemies's vehicles and weaponry. When simultaneously driving and aiming, the game enters slow-motion and allows you to toggle between targets. Not much is known about the vehicular combat and its features.

Mad Max will feature crafting system which can be used to craft new weapons and tools. Max's garage can also be used to change and modify the car's engines, chassis, wheels, body works including paint treatment and the “shell” of the auto-mobile and the car’s weight and attributes update accordingly. Max can also be upgraded though it's plans hasn't fully been implemented.

Many choices are given in the game, such as, either playing silently or aggressively. Max can also get guidance from Chum about how he can complete his objectives strategically. However, its largely up to the player how he can complete the objectives.

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Lackluster game. Looks like I finished act II and gave up. I was trying to finish it but I was so bored with it.

Decent enough game.
I liked the main gameplay loop of exploring, driving around, and beating up people. Sometimes the fetch quests got a little ridiculous, however.
Chumbucket was a great character, and the dialogue of the other characters were good, too. Except for Max himself and the main bad guy Scrotus.
The ending was pretty bad, actually. Felt rushed. Lame boss battle into everyone who died getting resurrected? There wasn't much reason to continue playing after the final fight, so I didn't.
I liked the characters.

Reviewed on 10/28/20
Outside of the game's oddly addictive box-ticking and impressive sense of scale, there's just too many poorly designed aspects and overall open-world bloat to make this a recommend in any way. Honestly, if the servers weren't shutting down Friday and this wasn't such a good game to listen to podcasts to, I would have never come back for the Platinum Trophy. That being said...
Rating: 4/10
Platinum Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 (time consuming only, but the servers are shutting down making this platinum completely unattainable)
Platinum #147

Incredibly fun. Incredibly good-looking (despite being a desert). Incredibly repetitive.
But seriously, the repetitive gameplay is just a speck on an otherwise bloody perfect game. That's the Assassin's Creed gameplay scheme: go to the tower, discover the area, do stuff.
The visuals are stunning. Yes, even if it's a desert. In some of the high-ground camps, there's always a "lookout" point. You can find a couch or an armchair with a view of painstakingly beautiful panoramas (go to Crow's Nest at night and tell me I'm wrong, I dare you). Fire is almost hypnotizing to look at. Explosions would make Mr. Torgue proud.
Combat is extremely fun, both in the car and on foot. The fighting system is à la batman Arkham city...but much more rewarding

This game is pretty good.
The Mad Max universe is very well represented, water and fuel are vital, the environment is gorgeous, storms are the most impressive I've seen in a game, car combat is amazing, combat on foot is okay, the story is not the best but it gets really good towards the end. Open world activities on the other end are very repetitive, it's just more of the same, same enemies, same quests and so on.
Now I want to watch Fury Road again.

ele é bem dirvertido, mas enjooa q é uma beleza