Mages of Mystralia

released on May 18, 2017

Accompany Zia as she strikes off to train and learn to control her magical abilities that had her exiled. Journey across the lands to meet other exiled mages and uncover runes with magical properties that can be combined into millions of different possibilities, letting you come up with completely new and incredible spells!

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fun game with a great spellcrafting mechanic, shame that the enemies were too lackluster to show the spells off.

In the veins of 2000s children's games, Mages of Mystralia is an adorable title, whose emerging gameplay invites adventure. Properly balanced, the title has quite a few level-design missteps, but is still enjoyable. The puzzles remain more interesting than the battles, whose almost non-existent evolution can be off-putting. It's a nice world to navigate, with the game mechanics as a valid pretext, but it doesn't really encourage a thorough exploration.

Mages of Mystralia is a Zelda-like with customizable magic combinations. Basically, you have 4 different classifications of spells and you assign runes that you find to adjust how those spells act. It's a lot of fun to figure out what spell+rune combos create beneficial effects.
The story about a novice mage developing her skills fits very well narratively within the gameplay and you feel like you are learning to be a mage right alongside Zia.
Combat is fairly simple but made more fun by the fact that you are crafting the spells that you're using to defend yourself.
My only real complaint about the game is that a lot of the runes aren't terribly useful in a wide variety of situations. This issue is alleviated somewhat by the fact that you can save favorite combinations so you can quickly adjust things for different scenarios. But, despite all the custom options, I found myself not switching up my spells as often as I would have liked. Could be my fault, but I feel like the simpler spell combos were more useful in a wider variety of situations, so I didn't always have the encouragement to change to more unique options.
Overall it was a fun experience and a well-made game. I'd like to play it again at some point.

Macht auf jeden Fall Bock, Schwierigkeits Archmage wird mit wachsendem Runenbestand und entsprechendem Spellcrafting leider relativ schnell trivial. Da hätte ich mir zum Ende hin schwierigere Encounter gewünscht.
Ansonsten sehr schöne Optik, toller Ansatz mit dem selbst zusammenstellbaren Spells. Die Rätsel haben einen gut auf Trab gehalten, auch wenn ich manche wahrscheinlich nicht so gelöst habe, wie es die Devs ursprünglich geplant haben :D

Nice little Zelda clone! I wish it was just a little bit shorter, but the magic system is super neat and the music is really good. Worth a shot if you're a Zelda fan.
If I had to really nitpick, I really didn't like the font used for the dialogue lmao

+ individuelle spells, wir bei path of exile (in light)
+ Nette Cell Shading Optik
+ Mix aus verschiedenartigen Rätseln und Kämpfen super cool
+ Easy Mode heißt nicht easy, habs dann total verplant lol