Manual Samuel

released on Oct 11, 2016

Manual Samuel is about the rich daddy’s boy Samuel, who hasn’t worked a day in his life. After an unfortunate encounter with a septic tank truck and Death, Sam is forced to live manually for 24 hours to be able to go on with his life. Breathe, blink, walk and simply exist for Samuel as he experiences the worst day of his life. QWOP meets Monkey Island in this hilarious narrative adventure game for the whole family (minus grandma and the kids).

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Has a special place in my heart for introducing me to the phrase "Holy feces!" My lovely autistic brain latched onto that like a bear onto a slow salmon. Gameplay can get obnoxious, especially when trying for the speedrun trophies, but it's harmless and stupid and "Holy feces!"

The gimick wears out quickly. Bad controlling games need to be either more fun to mess around with in terms of mechanics or world (like octodad/goat simulator) or really funny (which this is not).

Awkward controls with a funny story is always a great mix

Humorous game especially in multiplayer where you and your partner control half of titular character Samuel's body after he dies. If you are a fan of QWOP or Octodad, this is very similar except for having to remembering to blink, breathe, and perform other bodily functions.