Marco & The Galaxy Dragon

Marco & The Galaxy Dragon

released on Feb 28, 2020

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Marco & The Galaxy Dragon

released on Feb 28, 2020

Marco, an orphan with missing memories, and Arco, a dragon who rules the galaxy, were hunting for treasure in space! On one of their adventures, Marco was given a clue to the whereabouts of her mother. Their next stop, her birthplace - Earth!

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THIS. is How you make a Vn.
They were not lying about with the Cgs

Novela visual extravagante, llena de comedia absurda y situacional con un bonito mensaje sobre el amor y aquellos quienes amamos. Mantiene un ritmo considerablemente acelerado aunque es entendible por el enorme nivel de producción, tiene problemas de tono pero su corta duración no permitía gran desarrollo.
Aun así sigue siendo de las comedias japonesas que más he disfrutado, pese al poco fanservice nunca cae en humor echii u otaku, sabe mantener al lector interesado con todo tipo de situaciones, Y su moraleja la vuelve considerablemente de mayor valor que muchas historias humorísticas de allá afuera. Un trabajo que vale la pena por lo menos experimentar una vez.

Um bobeirol super divertido com cutscenes extremamente criativas e excêntricas. Estava me entretendo consideravelmente.

Mas infelizmente o Japão sofre seriamente da síndrome "não consigo fazer uma comédia bacana sem estragar tudo enfiando um plot dramático sem pé nem cabeça"

It is crazy how many cgs are in this game. It feels like most scenes have at least one new cg which is pretty cool. Also its fun and short so 👍.

Really funny visual novel! The comedy worked really well for me. It also has pretty emotional/heartwarming scenes in certain parts that I found quite effective. The pacing is incredibly fast too, you can get through so many sequences in such a short time that you might need a break to process and enjoy them fully.

Very impressive production values between the insane amount of unique CGs every couple minutes, and the animated cutscenes that are just a joy to watch.

Some story stuff is kinda... hard to understand the timeline of events, and how stuff connects? Didn't bother me too much though, it's a pretty chaotic story and I really enjoyed that about it.

Fun little visual novel with a amazing production values, has a weird arc towards the middle that feels kind of out of place but still a nice experience that last for less than 8 hours