Mario Kart DS

released on Nov 14, 2005

Mario Kart DS is the continuation of the long running racing game series that began on the Super Nintendo. It features 16 new tracks as well as 16 tracks from the previous 4 games, with each set split up into the Nitro and Retro Grand Prix respectively. Eight racers are initially available, each with two go-karts to choose from. A number of characters and additional karts are also available to unlock. New items have been added to the arsenal, including a Blooper squid that squirts ink onto the screens of other players and a Bullet Bill power up that transforms the player into a giant, fast-travelling bullet on autopilot.

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It might be a bit dated today but this was the shit back then. Just plain fun.

Yea this game was pretty awesome. Fire tracks, great music, and honestly a pretty cool side mode with boss fights lmao. Such a random addition but it worked. A pretty outdated game now, but it was fire back in the day.

Hoooooo boy this game was a great time. Tracks were fun, racing against friends AND their ghosts was also a blast. Fun activity to do with buds before school.

pretty good i like how rob was in this

While the majority of the game feels dated compared to modern entries, Mario Kart DS contains something no other Mario Kart games does, and that's DS in the title mission mode.
Mission mode serves as Mario Kart DS' single player campaign, and while it's not the deepest mode in the world, it adds a substantial amount of content and I find it baffling that no future Mario Kart game included something similar.
Is the game worth playing nowadays for the mission mode? No. Is it still impressive how much content they managed to cram onto a handheld Mario Kart game? Absolutely.