Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

released on Sep 14, 2009

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is the third game in the Mario & Luigi series of games. Players control Mario and Luigi simultaneously in the side-scrolling platform environment of Bowser's body, while also controlling the Koopa King himself in the top-down world of the Mushroom Kingdom. Similar to games like Earthbound, enemy encounters are seen as actual enemies that players can avoid or attempt to strike early. The actual battles are a combination of turn-based menu attacks, and timed reactions to enemies during battle. By watching the way an enemy reacts, you can anticipate their attack and avoid it or counterattack.

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parte da infancia pre-bondes e pos-bondes tambem

Damn this game is awesome wtf. I always liked this game when I was younger, I just never ended up beating it. A few years ago during Covid I replayed it, and damn does it still hold up. The peak of Mario & Luigi IMO. It's so fun; and dat music doe.


Among the best in one of many zany RPG adventures that Mario has. The relationship between the Bros is charming as always, Bowser is at his best in this game and it's not even close, Fawful is a fantastic and fun main villain, the game has a weird but very fun supporting cast.
The gameplay is just good fun as always. This game probably has the best Bros attacks out of the five games.
I'm only giving it a 9/10 because the carrot minigame with Wiggler and the Monty Mole train segment with Big Bowser.

Such a charming and enjoyable game that made me smile even if it gets repetitive in some parts. Also, the final boss theme is literally the best of all time holy shit.