Mario Party 2

released on Dec 17, 1999

Mario and the gang are back for another round of Bowser-bashin' party action! Watch as your favorite Nintendo characters don different duds for each of the five all-new Adventure Boards! A slew of new tricks and devices bring new levels of challenge and excitement to board game play. New board maps, new Mini-Games, new action and new surprises means a whole new batch of fun! Get ready to unleash your best Hip Drops, hammer swings and high-flying high junks for another round of frenzied multi-player action!

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Call me crazy but I didn’t care for this one compared to MP 1 & 3. Was able to play this one shortly after it came out and wasn’t impressed then, a few years later the family owned the game and still didn’t like it. I’ll play it, but not my jam.

O Mario Party que mais joguei na infância, e o meu favorito da trilogia de 64.

they really peaked early but ya know what thats okay

Nothing will ever top Western Land. You can run over other players with a train and throw a Hootenanny for 20 coins that fucks up everyone's spaces.

Some of the best maps and minigames in the series but it just didnt click with me

Oh heck yeah. I am not at all good at Mario Party 2, as is documented in the Tarvould's Quest Mario Party League. But I'm all right with that. So much of the heart of what makes Mario Party good really hits its stride in the second game. Great board design, great mini-games (many of which are salvaged from the first game, true, but they're uniformly improved here), fun item balance, ample opportunity for inter-player politics... I don't know that I'll ever have the patience or interest in becoming good at a Mario Party, but I am very happy to return to this one as a favorite among friends.
Most of my issues with the game come in retrospect: one item allows for less strategy than three items, more interesting items are waiting a little further down the series, more characters are generally more fun, etc. But what's here, especially for its placement in the series, is really damn strong.