Mario Party 4

released on Oct 21, 2002

Toad, Koopa, and other party-planning pranksters have hidden birthday presents for their closest friends inside the Party Cube. To win the presents, Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and other Mushroom Kingdom favorites will have to plunge into a circus of minigame trickery. As always, keep an eye out for Bowser and his trouble-making goons. Even Whomp and Thwomp have rockin' surprises for you in their Extra Room. Packed with surprises, wild multiplayer action, and zany challenges, Mario Party 4 is your ticket to a good time.

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aayyyy another 4 for another great Mario Party. I probably played this one the second most of any MP game. Good times.

Mario Party 4 is the start of what I consider the best era of Mario Party; the Gamecube era. The n64 games are decent, but I feel the GameCube ones are significantly more fun. Mario Party 4 has pretty decent maps, but the best part of this game is definitely the minigames, they're really fun in this one, not too many bs luck minigames and lots of fun creative games. After only playing the n64 Mario Partys for a little while, this was the first time I considered myself a fan of the Mario Party series

Tiene muy buenos y variados minijuegos (aunque si que hay unos de machacar el boton bastante jodidillos) y le sienta bien a los personajes la potencia que supuso la gamecube en su momento.
Pero mi principal queja viene de los mapas, se sienten todos muy parecidos entre si, literalmente todos son, algo de fondillo que nisiquiera se aprecia del todo bien, mientras vamos en casillas en una especia de pizo flotante que tiene el mismo color en todos los mapas, solo cambiando ciertas mecanicas (una ruleta, una especie de vagoneta de ataudes, etc, siendo la unica diferencia notable).
Indiferentemente de eso, pues, me gusto, en general, tiene buen equilibrio en general, pero si los mapas fueran mas como los de 64, mas unicos, seria posiblemente el mejor mario party a mi parecer, cosa que el 3 sigue, posicionandoce como el mejor de la saga bajo mi criterio (aunque el 1 tiene un sentimiento onirico en sus mapas que es el mas ambiental) en fin.
PD: ¿Porque coño reciclan bowser big blast? TODOS ODIAN BIG BLAST!!!

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this game made me a gambling addict after playing goombas greedy gala

Formerly my favorite in the series. I just haven't played this in so long that I don't feel right putting it up any higher, but I do know it's deserving of this score at least. This game is in that awkward phase between the N64 Mario aesthetic and GameCube aesthetic which gives this one such a unique feel that I really like. Also gave us Dungeon Duos. Hell, that might be four stars on its own.