Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

released on Oct 30, 2012

The Skrulls have landed and now it is up to you to embody your favorite Marvel super heroes and defeat epic enemies during the Secret Invasion. Unleash your inner superhero in Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth!

The ultimate super hero brawler, Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth features 20 different characters including the Avengers Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor, as well as other fan favorite super heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Players will use motion gameplay to execute explosive super attacks, unleash devastating special moves, and battle their friends in a wide variety of game modes

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simplesmente incrível ficar socando o ar durante horas

No começo é BEM legal, mas depois enjoa.

Really fun on Kinect, a workout and fun battles, fairly responsive. Only option for Avengers games during the peak of the first movie's hype. Great selection of characters from all Marvel teams. Great Secret Invasion inspired storyline which I have a bias towards. Fond relic of the time.

not sure why this was WiiU exclusive, but it was my first WiiU game. My parents were the best

This game is a workout! Not fun.

One of the only decent kinect games